Thursday, August 20, 2009

Modhi Vilayadu

Medium : Tamil
Starring : Vinay, Kajal Agarwal, Kalabhavan Mani, Cochin Haneefa
Director : Saran
Music : Colonial Cousins, Steven Devassy

Director Saran who gave variety subjects like 'Amarkkalam', 'Parthen Rasithen', 'Gemini', 'Vasoolraja MBBS', 'Attahasam', 'JJ' etc has come up with his newproject 'Modhi Vilayadu'. He has got Vinay ('Unnale Unnale', 'Jayam Konden' fame) as the hero and the heroine is Kajal Agarwal ('Pazhani' fame). KalabhavanMani, who got a break in tamil through the same director's film, 'Gemini', has done a vital role. Music is handled by Collonial Cousins (Hariharan and Lesle Lewis) who were so far notable in the non filmi music field.

The opening scene of the film itself is rich, since it is the introduction of the hero's father character, who is an international multi millionaire. The proposed sequences gave me a shocking uneasiness, since the character done by Kalabhavan Mani is shown landing in his house (looks like an IT park) in a helicopter. This is the area where the image of the actor plays a negative role.

Hero (Vinay) looks after the wide business maintained by his father. He has got an assistant (Yuva), who always accompanies him by a bulk of body guards. He met the heroine on the way through a car mishap caused due to her carelessness. She is being asked by the hero to pay the price by doing his household jobs (such an agreement is a foolishness, but the director can use it as the reason for them to love each other).

The father had got some serious opponents in the business who tries to destroy them. A professional killer is being arranged. By mistake, he shoots the hero's companion.This incident change the life style of the hero. Now the suspense is revealed that the person who is dead, is the real son of the business tycoon. This caused a break up in the relation of the hero and the rich man. What all benefits that were provided to the hero were withdrawn and he is being targeted also. How he overcomes all these hurdles and takes revenge on the rich man is where ''Modhi Vilayadu' ends.

The film has got a good story line. But the execution failed in many areas. The way in which the heroine is shown working in the hero's house, looks amateur. The revenge episode is told too fastly and hence it is not convincing. The comedy scenes featuring Mayil Sami and Cochin Haneef are also not upto the mark. It is good to hear that the hero Vinay has dubbed in his own voice, but it lacks stability. Kalabhavan Mani in such a heavy character is a miscasting. The songs by the debutant music duo are very below average only. I don't know why music director Bharadwaj was opted out from Saran's favorite list this time. Anyway, debutant Steven Devassy ('Hariharan Pillai Happiyanu' fame), who gave a peppy background score had tried his best to maintain the tempo. Cinematography by Karun is good.

'Modhi Vilayadu' is such a project which should have been made in a better way since the base story line is good.

Rating : 5.5 / 10

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