Friday, December 7, 2007

Aaja Nachle

Medium : Hindi
Stars : Madhuri Dixit,Konkanasen Sharma,Akshay Khanna,Irfan Khan
Direction : Anil Mehtha

'Aaja Nachle' was in the medias for months, since the bollywood queen Madhuri Dixit is coming back as a heroine after a pretty long gap.The film is produced by the big banner YashRaj Films.The experienced cinematographer Anil Mehtha,who once gave films like 'Lagaan','Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam' and 'Khuda Gawah' is here in the role of the director.

The film opens when Madhuri, who is in US, returns to her native with her child after a gap of 10years hearing the news reg death of her dance Guru.In the journey she is thinking about her past.The scenes in which she is practising the dance,her friendship,moments in which she got love with an English journalist and once her marriage is fixed, she left her house with the lover.

When she reaches her home town,she came to know that some new multi storeyed projects are coming in the place of their old open air theatre and dance hall.She decides to renovate their old school atmosphere for the memory of her teacher.She took the theme of Laila-Majunu for the dance drama.Thus search for characters began.In the beginning most of the people were non co-operative.After a hectic task all the artists were arranged and they finally performed infront of a large crowd and won their hearts.In the end the State Government has decided to preserve the theatre as it is and thus the happy lady leaves back to abroad with her child.

On the release day itself,'Aaja Nachle' is banned in states like UP,Punjab and Haryana.This is because the film got an opening song lyric in which the Dalits were humiliated.After watching the film,I felt that such a contraversy was necassary for a film like 'Aaja Nachle' to attract audience.

Jaydeep Sahni has penned the script for 'Aaja Nachle'.I dont know what happened to him after he gave a brilliant one like 'Chakde India'.Also the new director has failed to keep the stability of the film.Most of the scenes is happening in an open air stage.The village backdrop where we can see Advts of Bata,SBI Atm etc are not colorful.The flashback scenes between teacher and the student is never appealing,we dont feel any sympathy for the Guru character in such a make-up.The sequences in which the heroine passing through the streets in a cycle richshaw announcing the dance programmes is boring.The comedy created while practising the dance steps is not realistic. The climax dance drama which is honestly presented, has a duration of 20-25 minutes.It is too lengthy and while watching a movie we cant afford to have such scenes.

Madhuri is good in her performance.She is looking old,but for a mother character of a 9year old baby she is ok.Konkanasen sharma has done well in her role.Salim-Sulaiman's music goes well with the movie.Vaibhavi Merchant,as a choreographer has more job to do compared to her previous films.Since the backdrops are dull,camera work by Mohanan is not remarkable.

'Aaja Nachle', as the name indicates, does not encourages you to dance with the party.
It is boring and also makes you sleep in some situations.

Rating : 1.5 / 5

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Anonymous said...

really disappoint me
Bcause i am a great fan of Madhuri