Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kannamoochi Yeneda

Medium : Tamil
Stars : Prithviraj,Sathyaraj,Sandhya,Radhika,Sripriya
Direction : Priya V

'Kannamoochi Yeneda' is special to me in a different sense.You wont often see the combination of a women producer and a women director being teamed up with a women cinematographer in a feature film.'Kannamoochi Yeneda' is such a rare occassion where you can witness all these.Radhika Sarathkumar,Priya V & Preetha handled these roles respectively.

Priya V,who assisted Maniratnam in few films has directed the film,'Kanda Naal Muthal' before.Though it has not created a sensation,she has caught attention of the media by entering the list of previous women directors in the country like Sheela,MeeraNair,HemaMalini,Suhasini,Revathi,Farah Khan etc.
Radhika has given some films before as a producer, but for the lady behind the lenses, this is a new experience.

The story of the film starts in Malaysia,where the young hero Prithviraj meets the heroine Sandhya. She,being the daughter of Chennai City Police Commissioner played by Sathyaraj and housewife Radhika reached India as per request from the her family to attend their parent's marriage anniversary celebrations.Hero who belongs to an upper caste follows the lover,tries to impress her strict father and finally after some hurdles how he is being accepted as the bridegroom is what 'Kannamoochi Yeneda' tells us.

In the middle you have quarelling between the parents, Sathyaraj & Radhika - the lovers, Prithviraj & Sandhya - the siblings, Sripriya and Sathyaraj also.All of them supporting and helping each other to find a solution for a good ending.

The first few scenes in the film is very impressive.When hero reaches his lover's house,there was a good chemistry going on between the hero and heroine's father.Later on,gradually the tempo is minimised.Somewhere the script writer-director might have lost the idea of finishing the story smoothly.As a result,a twin sister character is being created for Sathyaraj,played by Sripriya.She is coming to the movie arena after a pretty long gap,eventhough busy in the tv field.(Very few people knows that Sripriya has acted with Rajnikanth & Kamalhassan as their heroine in the maximum number of films)

Some of the scenes in the film should have avoided totally.The episode in which Sathyaraj using bow and arrows against the young hero to make him remember and tell his old faults infront of the family.Another one in which the serious father who is also the police officer,behaving childishly and begging infront of her wife.The misunderstanding between the hero and heroine is cinematic only.We also cant digest the cheap atitude of hero's uncle when he reject's the proposal from a rich man's family.Some of the songs' situations are mismatched with the timeline.

Performance of Sathyaraj,Prithviraj,Radhika and Manobala,who comes as an orderly to the police officer is remarkable.Preetha has done an excellent camera work.YuvanShankerRaja has done the music according to the mood.Picturisation of the first song happening in abroad is also notable.

'Kannamoochi Yeneda' is a hide and seek game.
Sometimes you win,sometimes you lose; it is not stable from beginning to the end.

Rating : 2.5 / 5


Anonymous said...

hi prashanth,
Does this movie have a resemblence towards the famous holywood film " My Boss's daughter".?What is this medical arrows?.
Actually I wanted to know what do u do?
Reply to me.Then I will reveal Who am I?

Anonymous said...

kanampoochi has been changed to kanamoochi yeneda.u have realised the mistake and corrected it.Good.
If somebody asks any clarification,y don't u reply to it.
ur way of analysing the movie is simply great .good work.

Anonymous said...

Hai Prasanth read ur reviews. Good going. Tell something about the Filim Festival and review the Classic films