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'Heartbeats' to 'Rock N Roll' - a review on songs

The films include ''Heartbeats', 'AKG', 'Thakarachenda', Orey kadal', 'Alibhai', 'Kichamani MBA', 'Nivedhyam', 'Paradesi', 'Choclate', 'Nasrani', 'Blackcat', 'Ayurrekha', 'Hareendran Oru Nishkalangan' & 'Rock N Roll'.

Here is an attempt to review the songs from the films released in the last 3-4months.
Last time while reviewing the music part,i was going through all the films and all the songs separately.But this time,i am not attempting the same. Here I am specifying only the top ten songs from the list and its details.In the last few months, the quality of the songs has been affected and
the number of hits is also reduced to the minimum,i think no need for me to do a big research work here.

Some of the songs from the group should be specially noted here.

Among them,romantic duets like 'Kolakkuzhalvili ketto...' from 'Nivedhyam' & 'Kannippenne ninne...' from 'Hareendran Oru Nishkalangan' stands top for its melody and presentation by M Jayachandran & Berny Ignateous respectively.

'Ravereyayi poove...' from 'Rock N Roll' is notable for its excellent orchestration by Vidhyasagar.

'Pranayasandhya oru...' sung by Bombay Jaysree from 'Orey kadal' is a composition by Ouseppachan with a different mood & feel.

The top ten songs from the films are given here.
The credits are in the order of Singers - Lyricist - Music Director

01) Kolakkuzhalvili...(Nivedhyam) - Vijay Yesudas,Swetha - Lohithadas - M Jayachandran

02) Kannippenne...(HareendranOruNishkalangan) - MGSreekumar,GayathriVarma - Sarath Vayalar -
Berni Ignateous

03) Ravereyayi...(Rock N Roll) - Madhu Balakrishnan - Girish puthenchery - Vidhyasagar

04) Manjadimazha...(Rock N Roll) - Madhu Balakrishnan,Sujatha - Girish puthenchery - Vidhyasagar

05) Pranayasandhya...(Orey kadal) - Bombay Jayasree - Girish puthenchery - Ouseppachan

06) Manassinte Kavalvathil...(Orey kadal) - Venugopal,Sujatha - Girish puthenchery - Ouseppachan

07) Ohmama chandamama...(Rock N Roll) - Anitha,Rija - Girish puthenchery - Vidhyasagar

08) Valayonnitha...(Rock N Roll) - Vijay Yesudas,Renjith,Pradeep P - Girish puthenchery - Vidhyasagar

09) Chittattinkavil...(Nivedhyam) - Sankaran namboothiri - Kaithapram - M Jayachandran

10) Ishtamalle...(Choclate) - Shabaz Aman - Sarath Vayalar - Alex paul


11) Thattam pidichu...(Paradesi) - Sujatha - Rafeeq Ahamed - Ramesh Narayan

12) Thamthakida theyyare...(Nivedhyam) - Pradeep P,Vijay Yesudas - Kaithapram - M Jayachandran

13) Pokkiriyane...(Kichamani MBA) - Pradeep P - Kanesh Punoor - Alex Paul

14) Nagaram vidhuram...(Ory Kadal) - Vineeth Sreenivasan - Girish puthenchery - Ouseppachan

15) Kalkkanda malaye...(Choclate) - RimiTomy - Sarath Vayalar - Alex Paul

16) Aadimekha...(Alibhai) - MGSreekumar - Girish puthenchery - Alex Paul

17) Mundirikkallu...(BlackCat) - Afsal,Jyotsana - Sarath Vayalar - M Jayachandran

18) Yamuna veruthe...(Ory Kadal) - Swetha - Girish puthenchery - Ouseppachan

19) Eeran meghame...(Nasrani) - Manjari - Anil panachooran - Bijibal

20) Jiruthana...(Rock N Roll) - Tippu,Renjith - Girish puthenchery - Vidhyasagar

Top Albums : Nivedhyam, Orey Kadal & Rock N Roll

Best Album : Rock N Roll

* Only a few songs from the chart qualifies to be the best and be a hit, rest has been included to make the count only.Dubbed films has not been included.

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