Monday, December 3, 2007


Meduim : Tamil
Stars : Dhanush,Remya,Murali,Bhanupriya,DanielBalaji
Direction : Vetrimaaran

After the failure of his previous film,'Parattai Azhaku Sundaram',young hero Dhanush is back with the new film 'Pollathavan'.Dhanush,son-in-law of Superstar Rajnikanth is popular among the malayalees with the film 'Kathalkondein'(2004) directed by his brother Selvaraghavan.So its a long gap since he has delivered a big hit.So usually we go to watch a film like 'Pollathavan' casually, without much expectations.

'Pollathavan' is directed by new comer Vetrimaaran who was once associate to biggies like Balumahendra,Shanker etc.The heroine,Remya comes from kannada; years before she has done a movie named 'Kuthu' with Chimbu.Music is handled by GV Prakashkumar.Velraj has done an excellent work as cinematographer.

This movie does not starts with an usual style.It shows an youth who is being involved in a murder sequence and he tells us how he came to such a negative situation.So from there the story takes an U-turn towards the beginning periods of happiness,in such a life the unexpected things are coming and through a lot of +ve and -ve happenings, pollathavan's journey continues.

Hero who comes from a middle class family living with his parents(Murali & Bhanupriya) and an younger sister.There are scenes showing his friendship,quarellings in the family,parent's affection,how they helps him,how he gets a job,how he come acoss the villain gangs etc.In the middle the hero gets in love with a girl, how he wins her heart is also shown.Ups and downs are blended equally in his lifespan.So how a person's life is changed due to some unexpected problems faced by him is neatly executed by the writer-director and whether the hero claims victory in the end or not is what the net result of 'Pollathavan'.

The debutant director Vetrimaaran has treated this film in a realistic way.There are many examples like the scenes between the father and the son,the scenes showing the contrasting changes happening in the family when the hero gets a job,the hospital scene involving villain gang and the family members,the scenes involving the street robbers and goondas etc.

All the artists in the film has performed exceptionally well.Among them Dhanush,Murali,Daniel Balaji('Kakka Kakka' & 'Vettaiyadu Vilayadu' fame) and the new comer Kishorekumar,who comes as gang leader needs special mention.Though we can see a cinematic approach in the love scenes,romantic songs,hero's passion for motor bikes and the climax fight sequences, its defenitely not giving us a boring atmosphere.

The film has got some good action scenes by RamboRajkumar.Music director GV Prakashkumar has got a remix of old hit number by MSV,'Engeyum Eppothum...'

'Bicycle Thief' (which was an international hit in the olden decades), 'City of Gods' (the portugal film, which i rate as one of the best action thrillers of all time), 'Virumandi' ( Kamalhasan's film which differentiates in its presentation ) and different action films in which the hit maker Ram Gopal Varma has created a style - might have inspired director Vetrimaaran to come with a subject similar to those in treatment.But this family based action movie gives you a different experience.

Those who love to watch realistic action films can watch 'Pollathavan'.This film should be noticed for its good scripting presented in the best way it can.

Rating : 4 / 5

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