Saturday, December 15, 2007


Medium : Malayalam
Stars : Dileep,Vimalaraman,Samvritha,Suraj Venjarammood
Direction : Rajasenan

Dileep's new film 'Romeo' directed by Rajasenan has got the script by hitmakers duo Rafi-Mecartin.These people has worked together for a film long years ago,'Swapnalokathile Balabhaskaran' where Jayaram was the hero and Dileep has got only a supporting role to do.

For years, after a bunch of 5 flops in a row like 'Nakshathrakannulla Rajakumaran Avanundoru Rajakumari' , 'Swapnam Kondoru Thulabharam', 'Immini Nalloral', 'Madhuchandralekha' & 'Kanakasimhasanam', director Rajasenan is here trying his luck again with the script writers who has once given him a good name through films like 'Aniyanbava Chettanbava', 'Aadhyathe Kanmani' etc.

Dileep playing the role of a male nurse in a private hospital.The lady doctor in the hospital played by Vimalraman is in love with him.Our hero likes another girl,Samvritha who is the star singer in a tv reality show.In order to marry her,as per request from her father,he is converted to Christianity.But her father didn't kept the word.Since he lost his job,the hero leaves the native to another Brahmin area,stays there as a Brahmin.

A girl in the Agrharam happened to be in love with him.By the time he understands and realize the love and try to marry the doctor,the rest two characters also came to his palce and finally after some confusions and fowl plays,how he manages to get through all is what 'Romeo' is.

'Romeo' opens with the hospital scenes in which the male nurse and his colleagues watching the star singer shows and the hero asking others to send sms for his lady love.Hero's father played by Cochin Hanif is ajunior artist needs five lakhs to do a good role in the film.All those scenes has got the standard of a doordarsan tv serial or an amature drama only.We cant understand why the name of 'Kitex' Star Singer is being repeatedly used in the name of publicity.The scene in which the Samvritha, who is the star singer asking others to send sms for her is irritating.

The Brahmin family episodes in which the hero reaches there with a different name and casete has been told many times before.Most of the scenes there are dramatic.Though a right choice for such a role in appearance,the new heroine is not at all appealing.Only good thing there is the casting of Asokan.

We dont know what is happening in the heroine's family.Her father who is a CBI officer asks his deputies to watch the hero.Close up & tight shots,seriously used for the new actor who comes as Vimala's father gives us a drama feel only.The scenes in which the hero tries to impress him is created deliberately, resembles some of the films in the early 90's.

The Ayurveda resort in the second half in which all the characters assembles and play hide & seek game has been shown a thousand times before.Though repetetive, only things which are tolerable in the whole film happens there only.The scenes in which the star singer travels and stays with the hero's father searching for the hero is not at all genuine.The climax and anti climax scenes are also unrealistic.

Most of the castings and the situations in the film are mismatched.The whole hospital scenes should have totally avoided.Hero's family episodes wont create a sympathy.The new face who comes as heroine's father is a wrong choice, though he can be good in dramas.Also his deputies with big moustaches resembles circus clowns only.Heroine Vimalraman is not opening her mouth throughout the dialogue delivery.( it has been solved to a certain extend by the dubbing artist)Performance by Mallika Sukumaran,Cochin Hanif,Bheeman Raghu,Rizabava etc. stands average only.

Suraj Venjarammood who is emerging as the most wanted name in the cine field now a days,is a relief in most of the scenes.Asokan and Salimkumar has also performed well.Dileep has done the role as if this film has released in the later 90's.

Rafi-Mecartin should have concentrated more on the stability in their scripting.To an average extend they had done their job,but the director Rajasenan has broken it with his hopeless direction and casting.KP Nambiathiri has handled the camera.Music is by Alexpaul.

This 'Romeo' is not charming, he wont attract you.
One after another, Rajasenan is giving worst films only.Its time for him to take a break and if necassary come back later after some good home works.

Rating : 1.5 / 5


Anonymous said...

have you stopped writing reviews? i couldnt see anything after dec 2007?

Anonymous said...

have you stopped writing reviews? i couldnt see anything after dec 2007? - Praveen Alackal

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