Thursday, February 5, 2009


Months before the release, even at the time of announcement of the project itself, we feel that some films are not going to do well and be a hit. There are many factors which can establish such a thing like directors, actors, script writers, themes etc. The same thing happened to me in the case of the film ‘Colors’. Here the producer of the film is M.Mani who got an experience of 50+ films, director Raj Babu has given films like ‘Chess’ and ‘Kangaroo’ before, Hero of the film is Dileep (this is his 2nd release with in a gap of 30-35days), heroines being Roma and Bhama. With all such names in the list, one can’t predict the outcome of a project. But when I came to know that the script writer of this film is V.C.Ashok, who gave average and below average films before, I smell a bad outcome. Not creating suspense, my guess was cent percent correct.

The story of 'Colors' revolves around the family of a military colonel who lives with her daughters, uncle and a servant. Sharanya, who acted in films like ‘Nayakan’ and ‘Artham’ is in the military lady's role. One of her daughters, Roma is (over)smart, she is doing comedy teaser program in TV channel, another one is a silent lady, she is a school teacher; mother is worried about her future since she is having some problems in the horoscope. Till first half, Roma is creating some funny moments (?) for her program. She is also doing some cheap and old numbers to make her uncle (Innocent) act according to her wish. Her colleague (Vinu Mohan), who is fond of her, also accompanies her most of the time. You can also see some wasted creativity by Indrans who comes in the servant role.

In the interval time, hero (Dileep, who is a navy officer) appears. He knows the smart lady and her family before. In the beginning, both of them not being in a good company, plays their own games to keep their counterparts, silent. In the end, the hatred turns to love. But the family is having some other plans; they want to marry their elder daughter with our hero. Her sister now steps back, plays some other game to make the hero convincing and get prepared for the marriage. In the middle, the villain who wants to take revenge on the colonel is also destroyed.

There is not a single element or a single shot which will make you laugh or pleasant while watching ‘Colors’. The comedy scenes created here has not even got the standard of masala films released in the 70’s or 80’s. The casting of Harisree Ashokan and Cochin Haneefa in such a role is intolerable and comedy created by them is horrible. Bhama doesn’t have anything here to perform; her appearance with specks is done to create a maturity, but she looks like a doll with pimples in her face. The make up of Sharanya in the old age and at the period when her daughters are very young is same. The team behind should realize that this is the not the black and white period of films. The humor and witty dialogues created in the films are of very low standard only and the creator of such things, V.C.Ashok himself has acted in the role of a humorous sardarji (!) in a small scene.

The songs by Suresh Peters are not so good. Saloo George has handled the camera. I don’t know why Raj Babu and Dileep have agreed to do this project hearing such a story. But the producer M.Mani should have been more conscious. Dileep has nothing to do here. With the scope of showing various emotions from laughing to the crying, Roma is the hero here, but most of the time in such a subject she is out of control.

Usually, seeing colors can make you pleasant, but watching the film ‘Colors’ can cause paralysis; so this is not an advisable one.

Rating : 1.5 / 5

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