Sunday, February 15, 2009


‘Hailesa’, the name of the new film by Suresh Gopi is different, but it is not pleasing. Directed by Thaha (‘Ee Parakkum Thalika’, ‘Kerala House Udan Vilppanakku’ fame), this film has got a new getup for the hero. After many police / action roles in a row, the actor has finally decided to do a comedy buff!

I should have taken a back foot knowing all such details about the new film; but since these days watching films has become a responsibility also, I walked in.

Is it necessary for me to tell the story? There is no such big thing relevant here. Then why should I? Our hero (Suresh Gopi), who happened to be a guilty in a fighting issue, has decided to escape from the town to a distant place. There he met an old rich man (Lalu Alex), who lives alone. The former began to live there like a servant. In the mean time his friend (Suraaj Venjarammood) also reaches there, who in turn arranges a lady (Muktha) to act as rich man’s daughter. The old man is unable to identify the truth, since he lost her daughter in the childhood. He decided to arrange her marriage. The real bridegroom (Tony) comes, which again is replaced by a dummy person (Bheeman Raghu). In the end after few dramas, the truth is revealed and the real hero-heroine unites.

Almost all the scenes and the dialogues which are deliberately added to create comedy are horrible and intolerable. Among them the funny scenes by the police inspector (Cochin Hanif), who comes in a vulgar make up is painful and irritating. Except the star and the director, we all know that the body language of Suresh Gopi is not well suited to do such a light role. It will be difficult, if the team behind had put a contest by asking a question that, how many caps (hats) does the hero wears in this film. In that sense, there is a chance for this film to grab a world record. (Answer for the above question is very simple, number of hats used by the hero = number of scenes acted by the hero in the film)

Suraaj is there as the second hero, but not contributed much. His combination with the hero is also not inspiring. Muktha as the heroine is not at all impressive. As a surprise, some of the scenes by Bheeman Raghu create small laughter here and there. Songs by Ouseppachan is not rememberable. The placement of song sequence and its picturisation is below average. Background music by Ouseppachan is very poor, thus the mixing engineer Ajith M George job has also become inefficient. The action scenes directed by three stunt masters are also ordinary only.

Hailesa is a word, colloquially used by a group of persons to show the unity and equality. In that sense, if anybody asks about the result of the film ‘Hailesa’, then the only reply will be a silence…

Rating : 1 / 5

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