Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dindukkal Saarathi

Karunas, who is emerged as a comedian is doing a hero role and the malayalee girl Karthika (‘Vellinakshatram’ fame) is the heroine. The film ‘Dindukkal Saarathi’ is different and it can also catch attention since the distributors / promoters of the film are none other than Sun Pictures itself.

Hero is running a printing press; he lives with his mother and sister. He is search of a bride. After a desperate search, this black short man gets a beautiful lady as his wife. From the day of the marriage itself, his inferiority complex works, he is over conscious about his wife’s beauty and security, he is always worried of the fact that his wife him leave him some day and pretend that she will leave him someday when she meet a better personality. This made him the situation to take precaution and later such tensions caused him mental disorder. What all things the hero did to caught the attention of his wife and what all blunders he did during his complex life is the story of ‘Dindukkal Saarathi’ directed by Sakthi Paramesh.

If you had seriously gone through the above story, then you might be able to realize that this story is same as the malayalam film ‘Vadakkunokki Yanthram’ by Sreenivasan. Yes, ‘Dindukkal Saarathi’ is a remake. No need to compare this film with a malayalam classic which released almost 20years before. Though it is not possible, I tried my level best to watch this film without any comparison. When the language is changed, they had incorporated 3-4 folk dance songs. A few additional scenes are also added to create comedy, but that also didn’t work out well. Sreenivasan simply did the magic by mentioning the name of actor Mohanlal one or two times only. But here they have taken tamil star Ajith’s name to many scenes which felt unnecessary.

Karunaas, who has not done any big roles, will be the happy man here. Karthika has got her second remake film in tamil (previously being 'Namnaadu' with Sarathkumar, the tamil version of Dileep's 'Lion') As the malayalam version heroine did, here also she did the same thing only. She has to dance in an additional song sequence here, but her body language is not suitable for such a fast dance.

Those who have not seen ‘Vadakkunokki Yanthram’, should at least watch ‘Dindukkal Saarathi’.

Rating : 3 / 5

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