Friday, February 27, 2009


One of my friends, whose ambition is to become an actor, told me last week that only few peoples are extremely lucky to exist in the cine world without much talent or glamour. He told me this, when I asked him to accompany me for a new tamil film called ‘Perumaal’. The hero in the words quoted by my friend was Sundar.C, anyway I opposed him by saying that such words can’t provoke me to take a back foot from watching the movie. I decided to watch the movie since the film is directed by Vincent Selva who gave films like ‘Youth’, ‘Jithan’, ‘Madhuraiveeran’ etc.

Hero (Sundar.C), who is an assistant to a big financier, helps him in recovering the vehicles from the owners who fails to pay the loan. He meets the lady (Namitha) who spends life by doing robberies. This glamorous north Indian girl is introduced through a song and then when he likes the hero; there happens another song shot in abroad. When hero visits Andhra, he came across another girl (Meenakshi) who escaped from the hands of villains. She tells her story and he agrees to protect her. Meanwhile he works for the villain who tries to kidnap the girl. In between hero is being targeted by another guy (Vivek) whose character is created for comedy moments. Anyway in the end the victory is for the hero, which is shown with the help of some fights created by Super Subbarayan and party.

The storyline lacks depth. Almost all the masalas necessary for the film is added here. Still I am confused about the role of Vivek, who comes in two getups. I don’t know whether it is a double role or not. Namitha doesn’t know anything other than exposing her glamour through songs. Kota Sreenivasa Rao has done the villain role. Old hit song ‘Kadhal Vaibhogame’ by Gangai maamran is remixed here by Sreekanth Deva.

Before coming to acting area, don’t you know that Sundar.C was a director who gave many notable films like ‘Anbe Sivam’, ‘Arunachalam’, ‘Ullathe Allitha’ etc? His first film as an actor is ‘Thalainagarm’ and it was a hit. After that he has left the direction area. In particular intervals, his films are releasing. Though I was against my friend’s opinion about Sundar.C, when we deeply examined some of the dialogue deliveries and body language of the actor in such an amateur performance, I felt in some aspect this tall man is too lucky to do the hero role. His costume designer in the films is his own wife and notable artist Khusboo.

‘Perumaal’, as the name indicates doesn’t give you a holy feel, so no need to visit there.

Rating : 1.5 / 5

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