Sunday, February 1, 2009

Raaz 2

Director Mohit Suri, who took films like ‘Kalyug’, Zeher’, ‘Awarapan’ etc is coming with his new film ‘Raaz’ under the same banner of Mukesh Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt productions. Though they put the name as ‘Raaz – the mystery continues’, this film is not a sequel for ‘Raaz’ by Dino Morea and Bipasha Basu directed by Mahesh Bhatt some years back. The film is distributed by Sony Pictures.

Imran Hashmi, Kangana Ranaut, Adhyayan Suman etc. are the main stars in this film. As the name suggests, this film also belong to the genre of psycho thriller films. The story of such a film always feels like a mystery to an average viewer. In the end, there will be an answer for all our doubts and equations happening throughout the journey.

Here Kangana plays a top class model. Some of the shots in which she walks through the ramp, resembles her own role in Madhur Bhandharkar’s latest film ‘Fashion’. She is in love with a guy who is well-known in the TV world. New face, Adhyayan Suman has done the role. As days pass, some changes happen to the behavior of the heroine. She came across a painter (Imran Hashmi), who has not seen her before, but almost all his works has got the impression of her face. She tries her maximum to avoid him, but the circumstances demanded her to know about his motive. When she is mentally affected, he came for her help. In the end his mission is successful with her help. He finds the actual culprit and takes revenge.

Those who have seen films like ‘Murder’, ‘Jurm’, ‘Raaz’, ‘Kalyug’, ‘Zeher’, Jannat’, ‘Gangster’ etc. will be able to understand the style of films produced under the supervision of Bhatt family. Here in ‘Raaz 2’, the treatment is same. The first half deals with the mythological aspect and it’s after effects is shown through some of the character’s behavior. Some of the scenes are dreadful and it is lagging also. This can anyway create a curiosity among the audience to know the reason for the happenings and to wait till climax. The second half is fast moving. In the climax the real villain is projected and the ghost himself reached there for the help of human to take revenge. (It is not funny as it is simply written here; they have treated it in a realistic way).

The songs coming in the hindi films these days are not easy to remember, though they goes well with the film’s mood, we can’t recollect them to make them popular. Background music by Raju Singh matches the frames very well. Ravi Walia’s camera creates a dark mood as the script demanded.

Those who are interested in mysterious horror stories can try ‘Raaz 2’.

Rating : 3 / 5

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