Sunday, April 5, 2009


K.V.Anand is one of the significant cinematographers in South India. Some of his outstanding works includes ‘Shivaji – the Boss’, ‘Muthalvan’, ‘Khakhi’ (hindi), ‘Thenmavin Kombathu’ etc. He has also directed a film. It was he who introduced Prithviraj in tamil as a villain through ‘Kana Kandein’. Now the director is back with another venture named ‘Ayan’ with Surya and the most demanding heroine these days, Thamanna. The producers and distributors of the film are also notable, AVM and Sun Pictures respectively doing such roles.

This is Surya’s next project after ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’. Though that project created great expectation, Gautham Menon’s bad luck continued and even after doing some post release editing works, the result ended almost in a failure. Now Surya has not tried any experimentation here. Hero (Soorya) is loyal to a person (Prabhu), who is doing smuggling and underworld business.

The film starts with the issue of pirated videos. The two gangs doing such a business fights for the pirated disc of the latest film. The next episode is for the diamond smuggling. The issue happens in Congo (Africa). There you have got some excellent chasing and fast fight sequences directed by foreign stunt master. The hero had got his mother (Renuka, ‘Abhimanyu’ fame) only who is living with him. In the middle he meets his friend’s sister (Thamanna). They got in love with each other. This time the enemy group tries their best to take advantage over hero’s gang. They started doing the drug business. When hero is trapped, he helped the police by giving information about their enemies and also helped them in seizing their goods. This caused to lift up the enmity. Anyway, the ultimate win is for the hero only. There is also an undercurrent relation of friendship told here.

The last film by K.V.Anand was treated in a lighter and simpler way, but it has got big suspense to project. Here you are having all the aspects required for a big budget production. He has given some twist and turns here also. This is a straight film dealing with the story of smuggling in different ways. The director has shown various techniques adopted by the hero to maintain the business.

Though the director has shown the different ways for the hero to win the police and his rival gangs, sometimes that can cause a nonrealistic approach from the viewers’ side and it can also create doubt whether such things are as simple as that. The way in which the hero sees the heroine and gets in love with each other is also cinematic. Soorya has done his part well. The new villain’s (Akashdeep Saigal) performance is satisfactory only.

Songs by Harrris Jayaraj has got his own style only. M.S.Prabhu has done an excellent cinematography. The visual for the songs is colorful. Editing by Antony is as usual the best. Kanal Kannan has given fast movements in fights. As a director K.V.Anand’s work is has not delivered the best, but the output doesn’t make you boring.

‘Ayan’ is a typical tamil film by Surya which has got enough songs and fights told in the background of enmity, friendship and love. Don't expect much here with such a theme.

Rating : 3 / 5

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