Thursday, April 16, 2009

Samastha Keralam P.O

Jayaram and scriptwriter Gireesh Kumar (squad behind the hit film ‘Veruthe Oru Bharya’) is teaming up again for another film ‘Samastha Keralam P.O’, told in a village background with has got the flavor of politics. This time the creator of ‘Kaakki’ and ‘One Way Ticket’, Bipin Prabhakar is the director here.

As every village stories starts, this film also follows the style with the description of the hero regarding the various characters and their activities in the village. Thus the first few scenes of the film are repetitive. The hero (Jayaram) is a gentle man who believes Gandhiji’s thoughts and wishe
s to follow Mahatma’s principles. In the family, majority doesn’t like this attitude. The opposition parties (lead by Jagathi) become his enemies; they tried their level best to destroy him. Thus he becomes a victim of their cheatings many times. In between, the heroine (new face, Sera) gets attracted to his approach. The misunderstandings on the hero’s character are solved in the end, the villain’s real face is revealed and there happens a happy ending.

The hero’s character suffers a lot, he always leads his life for other’s
happiness, he shows a helping mentality all the time, he lived for the benefit of other family members, at times he tried to practice the truth etc, those are replica of other characters which came through many films before. Many situations in ‘Samastha Keralam P.O’ have got resemblance from films like ‘Valsalayam’, ‘Thoovalkottaram’, ‘Vesham’, ‘Balettan’, ‘Kottaram Veettil Appoottan’ etc.

The scene in which the hero using the ‘charka’ machine to weave the cloth is a cinematic thing these days. The lead in and lead out situations for the “Sundaree en sundaree…” song doesn’t looks sensible. The characterization of villain gives us a deliberate feeling. It is good to see that without much action sequences, the climax is simply created.

The new heroine Sera looks like an extra artist only; with such an appearance, her performance felt amateur. As usual, Jayaram has done the role with ease. Priyanka, who did the second heroine’s role, has also done well. Now a days, there is scarcity of artists to do the character roles and mother roles. The placement of such an artist (she is not so old) in hero’s mother’s role substantiates the fact; but the same lady did the hero’s mother’s role in ‘Rajamanikyam’, hence it is not an issue here.

For Gireesh Kumar, he can’t continue the surprise magic of ‘Veruthe Oru Bharya’ here. (I still stand with my opinion that it was not the best). But Bipin Prabhakar can project ‘Samastha Keralam P.O’ as his best work so far. What the scriptwriter did different here is that the political scenario is being discussed here locally within a village. Rajaratnam is the camera man.

‘Samastha Keralam P.O’ is a film with family oriented situations mixed with some political plays shown in the village atmosphere. There is nothing special here; It is neither best nor the worst.

Rating : 3 / 5

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