Monday, April 6, 2009


B.Unnikrishnan has written films like ‘Sivam’, ‘Tiger’, ‘Cover Story’ etc. It was Suresh Gopi who gave the chance for this script writer to become a director also through the film ‘Smart City’. There was nothing good to project in that particular film which was told in the background of Cochin and its land mafia. Later ‘Madambi’ with Mohanlal came, though the theme was not extraordinary, its ordinary treatment without projecting much heroism had given some fame for the director. Now the director is teaming with Suresh Gopi in ‘IG’ (Inspector General), yet another police officer role for the hero.

Majority of the police stories which came in malayalam has got a common theme to project. There will be an incident or a killing will be shown in the beginning and after many enquiries the hero will spot out the culprit(s) or destroy him (them) in the climax revealing a great suspense. Here also the same kind of graph is followed and the treatment is up to the predictable level only.

In the first scene itself we are shown a Punjabi get involved in the bomb blasts happening in the state capital. At the same time the homes secretary is also killed. The enquiry is handed over to the IG (Sursh Gopi) who is the chief of anti terrorist squad. As usual, some of the police officers, political leaders and business magnets get involved in the crime. The family of the hero includes his mother (Lakshmi), his brother (Govind Padmasoorya, ‘Adayalangal’ fame) is also shown to dilute the tension atmosphere. Anyway in the end the hero reached his target as expected.

We don’t know the logic in which the hero’s brother and his friends who are IT professionals, sitting with the laptop in the refreshment centre most of the time. Though there is some suspense to tell, it feels that it is intentionally created. Suresh Gopi’s police roles are repetitive and he is not so flexible and glamorous as before. The way in which the officer speaks to the chief minister is also shown many times before. By experience, people will start thinking about the villain in the climax in the interval time itself, if again and again such kinds of films are releasing.

Rajamani has copied the same theme music in the background score he has arranged for the film ‘The Truth’. It is time for Rajamani to change his method in the re-recording area. His loudness style should give way to more silence for a better output. The director has also imitated few shots from the hindi super hit, ‘A Wednesday’. Shyamdath’s camera is good.

‘IG’ is as usual a police story by Suresh Gopi with a suspense created in the end.

Rating : 3 / 5

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