Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mose and Cat

Weeks before, during a lunch break, I overheard two of my colleagues talking each other. One asked, “When will be the new film ‘Moses and Cat’ releasing?”, the other one replied “Moses…what a name that it is …what is that means, who is acting in it...?” I tried to interfere, but immediately the former one told, “ Dileep is the hero, moreover it is directed by Fazil”; with a laugh, the second one screamed, “then it won’t be a good film”.

From the above conversation, I analyzed some of the facts that provoked them to tell so. T
he first thing is regarding the minimum guarantee of the (ex) hit maker Fazil. After ‘Manichitrathazhu’ and ‘Harikrishnans’, his journey is continued through various obstacles and hazards in the form of ‘Life is Beautiful’, ‘Kayyethum Doorathu’, ‘Vismayathumbathu’, ‘Oru Naal Oru Kanavu’ (tamil) etc. All these films bombed in the box office. Also the name of his new film, ‘Mose and Cat’, is not attractive. If he was so particular with those animal names, then it should have been given ‘Mouse and Cat’. In such a situation, there is every chance to interpret it as ‘Moses’. Thus, I can’t act against my friends who predicted the nature of his new film.

Though Fazil has produced Dileep’s film ‘Sundarakilladi’ before, this is the first time Dileep is getting a chance to act as per his direction. A new heroine is being introduced, Aswathi Ashok, who was the anchor of “Thirai Thendral”, in Jeevan TV. Child artist Baby Niveditha has done an important character. She is there through out with the hero. Rahman, Jagathi, Manoj K Jayan etc have done supporting roles.

The hero, Mose D Samuel (Dileep) spends the life by doing small tricky business lives with his adopted daughter (Baby Niveditha). In the journey they met the heroine (Aswathi) who belongs to a rich family. She is having some problems with her brother (Rahman). He is too depressed due to some problems in his personal life; He has got rivalry with a rich man (Manoj K Jayan). The latter one takes advantage of the situation and uses the hands of Mose to take revenge on the brother. Anyway in the end the villain is being destroyed after working a ps
ycho experiment in the climax.

Till interval, the film goes lightly with some numbers from Dileep and the kid. But later the mood becomes serious, after the introduction of the heroine, her story and the brother’s life is being expressed through her words only. Since there is no enough scenes shown as flashback, the method of story telling gives confusion and it will be difficult for an average listener to understand the circumstances.

But the main attraction of the ‘Mose and Cat’ is Baby Niveditha. Like Baby Shalini (‘Ente Mammattikkuttiammakku’), Baby Suchetha (‘P
oovinu Puthiya Poonthennal’) and Master Badushah (‘Pappayude Swantham Appoose’), this time Fazil has teached the child well an she has performed to the maximum extend. The only thing is that one could feel whether in the realistic life, a child can behave that much smartly as it is shown here.

Dileep has got some humorous situations, which he managed well. With the help of a good dubbing artist, the new heroine has done the role without much negatives. Rahman has got a chance to show the drunkard attitude and some sentimental scenes, but his own voice prevents him from getting the cent percent output.

The scenes
that lead to the intimacy between the heroine and the child and the way in which the hero and heroine loves each other, should have been treated more seriously. The reason for the cause of enmity between brother and rich man is complex. The melodrama with the help of a song towards the end should have been avoided. The way in which all others helps the brother to change his attitude in the climax resembles 'Maanathe Vellitheru', 'Vismayathumbathu', 'Life is Beautiful' etc. It seems that the director still believes in the psychological way of story telling.

Camera is handled by director’s favorite, the very experienced technician Anandakkuttan. Ouseppachan has given the music; I remember only the “Fivestar Rendu…” song by Yesudas. The film is produced and distributed by Johny Sagariga.

We can’t expect ‘Aniyathipraavu’ or ‘Manichithrathazhu’ or ‘Ente Swantham Sooryaputhrikku’ from Fazil here after. Only thing is that ‘Mose and Cat’ is not as pathetic as his previous flops, even then it is not a promotable one...

Rating : 2.5 / 5


rajesh said...
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rajesh said...

Dileep and we have to see it?

Anonymous said...

Rated 2.5..Did u really saw the movie..Utter waste..

Anonymous said...

An utter disaster if there ever was one! The only saving grace is the lovely face of Baby Niveditha!

Dileep and Fazil should both be tried and sentenced to lifetime imprisonment for creating a movie that induces schizophrenia in viewers.

Never...I mean, NEVER, see this horrendous movie.

Anonymous said...


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