Thursday, April 16, 2009


The place in north India is familiar to us; but when this name is given for a malayalam film, then it is something unusual. ‘Banaras’ is directed by Nemom Pushparaj. The art director turned director has given a film like ‘Gowrisankaram’ before. His new film is in the news, since the songs of the films “Koovaram kili…”, “Chaandhu thottille…”, “Madhuram gayathi…” has already become popular among the mass.

‘Banaras’ creates more expectation. This is not only because the reason that the songs are hit. The name of the film has got such a feeling. It seems to be something different. Moreover it has got Vineeth, Kavya Madhavan and Navya Nair in the lead roles. Thus the way it can attracts family crowd also.

The film starts in Banaras (Kaasi), on the banks of river Ganges. There you can see the frustrated hero with a long beard taking the hookah breath. As expected cut
s to a flashback, in the village he got a lover with whom his marriage is fixed. He leaves to Banaras to do the research, he was born there and he lost his mother there. While reaching there he met another girl. Circumstances made him to love her also. He met his father’s friend who is now living as a saint. In the mean while he asked his village lover to get married. Anyway what happens to both these girls, who will be the winner in the end, what happens to the villain who killed his mother etc. are the answers we get in the second half of ‘Banaras’.

is nothing big in the storyline or presentation. The director, who is so confident in such things, has added Harisree Asokan and Suraj Venjarammood to create comedy situations. The villain’s characterization and his appearance in the reddish hair are dramatic. Suresh Krishna is not a right choice there. The situation in which the classmates getting closer to each other is a cliché which has been practicing from the days of black and white films. The climax of the film is not special; it is done as expected only. The picturisation of the songs is ok. Story is by the producer himself and it is scripted by Cherian Kalpakavadi. P.Sukumar handles the camera. Nemom Pushparaj has done art direction for many hit films, with such an experience he entered the direction area and he still feels that the current job is ‘as simple as that’.

There is nothing particular in this ‘Banaras’. So no need for a journey to this destination.

Rating : 2.5 / 5

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