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After ‘Achuvinte Amma’, yet another film has got the theme of mother-daughter intimacy. The new film ‘Calendar’ is directed by debutant Mahesh Padmanabahan (actor Mahesh). Introduced in film, ‘Mudra’, though the young actor has done many films in malayalam, he became notable through few films like ‘Mrigaya’, ‘Kalyana Unnikal’ only. May be he might not have big films to show in his profile as an actor, after a gap, he is back in the role of director.

‘Calendar’ has got yesteryear actress Sareena Vahab (‘Madanolsavam’, ‘Chamaram’ fame) in the main role. Navya Nair is the daughter. Prithviraj is the lover guy. They are supported by Mukesh, Jagathi, Prathap Pothen, Raju, Mallika Sukumaran etc. The re-recordist, Benny Johnson has used the background theme of old “Maadaprave…” song in the beginning title credits; may be this might be a test dose for the viewers from the director’s side before the lady lead character’s re-introduction.

The mother character (Sareena Vahab) is a college teacher. She lost her husband (Rathish) almost 19years before. She always wants her daughter (Navya Nair) to be with her. Thus when she had chosen her love (Prithviraj), the mother opposes. Her marriage with him does not happen. Now when she gets transfer, they had planned to settle in a far away place. As per proposal from her close relative (Jagathi), her daughter is being married to a doctor (Mukesh). When the girl started enjoying her life, mother once again feels that she will lose her and this cause a split in their relation. Anyway when the daughter began to realize her mother’s real affection, it was too late.

The story line of the ‘Calendar’ can attract family audience and those who love to watch family oriented films. It is not simple as expected. The complexity is revealed in most scenes. The ordinary presentation and dragging in the story telling has every possibility to make us boring. The addition of unwanted comedy sequences by Kottayam Nazir and Jagathi (in some areas) is unappealing. The whole output is more suitable for a television serial or a film happening 10 – 15years before. We can’t accept the attitude of such a mother who doesn’t wants to leave her daughter. The way in which the heroine lost her lover is a cliché.

The inexperience of new director is evident here. He should have been presented the film in a simpler way. The characterization of Mallika Sukumaran as Mukesh’s mother sometimes felt intolerable. She is going after Jagathi’s character most of the time to make his son getting married. (Only attraction here is that Jagathi and Mallika plays the cat and mouse game in many areas after a long gap since they got separated from their real life, the credit goes to the new director!). Maniyanpillai Raju with a dramatic make up, in the role of a priest doesn’t look natural. The way in which the principal nun asking the crying student whether anybody had molested her might have created for laughing, but it projects unprofessionalism. The hero’s introduction scene with such a song also lacks quality. The comedy scenes created here are also not up to the mark. The explanation given by Prathap Pothen’s character in the end regarding mother’s affection towards her daughter is acceptable, but by the time the viewers will be so restless that they will be in a hurry to get out of the theatre.

The script writer Babu Janardhan with his experience so far, should have been more helpful to the new director in molding such a project. Vipin Mohan handles the camera. New music director Afsal Yusuf had given a good melody, “Chirakarnna mounam…” lead by Yesudas. (The 70 year old singer still sings for a hero who is in his mid 20’s; it all happens in the cine field).

Viewers’ taste changes from time to time, hence it is very difficult for a lagging family melodrama like ‘Calendar’ to be got accepted.

Rating : 5 / 10

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