Friday, May 22, 2009

Newtonin Moonnam Vidhi

“We usually prefer to go for a movie based on its merit only, we won’t look for the star cast…” this is what the majority of viewers claim, when they are questioned. But I don’t agree with that, since most of them will go for a film only after analyzing the faces in posters. A very few exceptions are there and I am proud that I belong to such a category. The reason why I told all these beacause the hero of the new tamil film, ‘Newtonin Moonnam Vidhi’ is actor-director SJ Soorya. The number of viewers I saw inside the theatre provoked me to reach in such a conclusion.

‘Vaali’ and ‘Kushi’ were super hit films and it showed the directorial talent of SJ Soorya. After becoming an actor through ‘New’, he continued such a journey through ‘Anbe Aaruyire’, ‘Kalvanin Kathali’, ‘Thirumakan’, ‘Vyabari’ etc. The majority of the films were flops, but he is enjoying the new role. Though the first few films were directed by the actor himself, he is getting chance to act in films done by other directors also (his last 4 films belongs to that group). The name of his latest film ‘Newtonin Moonnam Vidhi’ (means Newton’s Third Law) states that this is an action subject.

In the beginning, the hero is shown in a rough make up with a tough character. He is in search for the person who is in responsible for his wife’s murder. He decided to take revenge and builds the master plan. The villain is trapped, but he is unable to identify who is behind him. The cause for the revenge is shown in flashback. Hero is a garment designer (SJ Soorya), he gets in love with a media person (Sayali) and the channel owner (Rajeev Krishna) is also fond of her. When she opposes to the womanizer’s wish, the rich man uses some fowl plays and in the end the girl is killed on the same day of her marriage.

The attitude of the new director is clear from the scene in which the hero phones the villain at 10 AM and warns him to kill him at 12noon. May be the story base is not new, but the highlight of the film lies in its presentation. The way in which villain is caught is shown in a thrilling way. When the villain has identified his enemy, he started playing in the second half, but the ultimate victory is not for the baddie. Since the message is conveyed in the beginning that the story happens in two hours, the tempo is maintained till the last minute.

The performance of Rajeev Krishna who comes in the sweet villain’s role is different and outstanding. He has acted as hero in the film ‘Aaha’ (tamil) and done a negative role in ‘Devaragam’ before. SJ Soorya, within the limits has done well in the tough role. The tall heroine, Sayali sometimes becomes over expressive. The way in which villain is destroyed in the climax might be non realistic, but the director had given the justification for it before and it is accepted since we all want to see the hero to be victorious in the end. Anyway it is good to see that the new director Thai Muthuselvan had taken the revenge subject in the backdrop of principle, “Every action has equal and opposite reaction” and that too without much action scenes. Songs by the new music director Vinay goes well with the scene. Camera by Saravanan helps in boosting the action mood.

If you like revenge subjects and are ready to watch a film as it is, irrespective of the hero, then ‘Newtonin Moonnam Vidhi’ will be a time pass for you.

Rating : 7.5 / 10

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