Saturday, May 9, 2009


Very recently, a new trend has started here like bollywood and kollywood. Even if no big stars are there, now the producers are spending more money for photo shoot useful for promotional stills of new releases. Such a thing has happened for the new film ‘Currency’ directed by debutant Swathi Bhaskar. Jayasurya with the half bald head, Mukesh with lengthy moustache and Kalabhavan Mani with long hairs were the main participants. Such a sight has created a curiosity and at the same time it smelled the non guaranteed effect when I think about its success.

This is one such film in which the theme has got some relevance in its name. Thus, ‘Currency’ deals with the story of a person who is in need of money; he finds his own way to make currency notes. Here the hero (Jayasurya) is a silent young man who lives with his mother. He is in love with a sales girl (Meera Nandan). When he badly needs money for his mother’s treatment, he started making fake currency. He comes across an anglo-indian merchant (Mukesh). It was he who forces the former to make more such currencies. The circumstances made them to travel in the wrong route. To the negative atmosphere, another villain (Kalabahavan Mani) came to grab the money. A police officer (Anoop Menon), who is in charge of the investigation, arrives in the post interval time. Though the heroes committed too many mistakes, the new script writer-director had created the climax in a cinematic way only, which has worsened the polluted atmosphere in the end.

The pre-title scenes along with the title credits part were rich and since the hero’s unusual appearance with less dialogues created an expectation also. But, somewhere on the way, the tempo of the film was lost. The villain’s character with such a getup was unnecessary for the subject. The reason given by the director for the hero to make fake notes was brilliant, but he failed to carry it till the end of the journey. Even if we are ready to tolerate the anti climax scene, by adding an extra happy moment in the climax, the whole output has become unappealing.

Camera by Viswamangal Kitsu (named Mangal onscreen) and editing by Manoj are good. Art director Gireesh Menon has to do some hard works to make the output good. The musical theme used by Mohan Sithara in the re-recording is thrilling. Picturisation of the songs were not so attractive. Jayasurya is different and has performed well within his limits. Meera Nandan’s negatives on her face are projecting more, which is not good for the film.

The story of the film is different and it has got everything to make it notable among the masses. The new script writer-director has failed to execute the good base, they got in the beginning. They had tried their best to create a mood throughout, but once out of the theatre you won’t be satisfied enough.

This ‘Currency’ became worthless in the end, since it is handled carelessly...

Rating : 2.5 / 5

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