Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Guru En Aalu

(The result of the film 'Bhagavan' made me a second thought and as per suggestions from some of my well wishers, here after the rating on the review of a film will be on 10 points )

While watching the tamil movie, ‘Guru En Aalu’, I felt that the theme is not new. From the title song itself I smelled some similarity in the story line with some of the films watched before. The treatment of this film is almost related to the hindi atmosphere. In the interval area only, I was able to identify that the new film is a remake of an old hit by Sharukh Khan and Juhi Chaula, ‘Yess Boss’. I shouldn’t have taken that m
uch time to relate it, since from the beginning itself main character, which is a personal assistant to rich man says, “Yess Boss…” most of the time.

Big banner KRG produces the remake and it is directed by Selva, who took films like ‘Naan Avanillai’, ‘Karna’, ‘Puthayal’, ‘Amaravathi’ etc. Now the new project has got Madhavan, Mamtha Mohandas and Abbas in place of Sharukh, Juhi and Adithya Pancholi. Vivek is there for comedy scenes. The portrait of the leading characters is almost identical to the original version.

Hero, who lives with his father, mother and sister, has got great ambition is to make lot of money. He is working as the PA to the rich man, who is the owner of many companies. The former will give life for his boss and in return he will be paid bulk amount of money. At the same time the heroine reaches the firm as a model for company brands. She loves the rich man without knowing that he is married and later she decided to leave him. Her dream is to buy a big house and situations made the ambitious hero to get in love with the ambitious heroine
. With the help of his orderly, the rich man tries to attract her and when not succeeded he uses his money power and in the end the real love wins.

There is not difference in the storyline of two films in hindi and tamil, but ‘Yess Boss’ became hit due to its true p
resentation. But here the environment of the film is never serious. The hero’s attitude is fluctuating all the time. By inserting many comedy scenes the stable situation is diluted and sometimes it is irritating. Vivek’s character in the friend’s role is lengthy and at the same time it became unwanted in many situation. He did the Yoga teacher role in the first half. Later he comes in the women getup and gets attracted by a senior bachelor (MS Bhaskar). With a good make up, the romantic scenes between them felt good, but it has been told many times before.

Madhavan, Mamtha and Abbas have performed well. But the script writer-director should have been more serious while borrowing the theme of a hit film. He has handled the situation carelessly. Thus the whole output is affected. Sreekanth Deva’s songs are not memorable. He has taken a hit song as it is from the original version. UK Senthil Kumar handles the camera.

‘Guru En Aalu’ is one such remake that failed to keep the tempo of the original version.

Rating : 5 / 10

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