Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Vijayakanth, the 150+ films old actor has not got big hits in the past few years. This can be due to the fact that the superstar has entered politics and formed his own party recently. Only few films only by the hero like ‘Ramana’, ‘Vanathe Pole’, ‘Engal Anna’ ( tamil remake of ‘Chronic Bachelor’) etc has been big hits in the post 2000 season. Anyway now he is teaming with the director of family movies, Vikraman for his new venture ‘Mariyadhai’.

Vikraman started his career through ‘Puthu Vasantham’ (Murali, Raja, Mahesh Babu, Chinni Jayanth, Sitara); followed by ‘Poove Unakkage’ (Vijay, Sangeetha), ‘Sooryavamsam’ (Sharath Kumar, Devayani), ‘Unnidathil Ennai Koduthen’ (Karthik, Roja), ‘Vanathe Pole’, ‘Unnai Ninaithu’ (Soorya, Sneha), ‘Priyaman Thozhi’ (Madhavan, Jyothika) and ‘Chennai Kathal’ (Bharath, Jenelia). Excluding last two, all the films among them were super hits. The mode of films created by him, gave him a minimum guarantee among the family audiences. Compared to others, he doesn’t include gigantic action scenes, glamour, double meaning dialogues or anything that related the heroism in his films. Now the director wants to repeat the ‘Vanathe Pole’ magic again.

The story is based in a village where the hero lives with his wife (Ambika), son and daughter. The father – son role is done by the hero Vijayakanth himself. One of their family friends reaches there to stay with the family for a short period. She (Meera Jasmin) became a member of the family soon. The son is silent and his reserve attitude is being noted by her. Thus the cheatings happened to him and a love failure (Meena) in the past is known to her. She loves him and as every Vikraman film, no confusions, a happy ending in the end.

The director has followed the same style he has been practicing through the years. There will be a comedy in each and every dialogue. Ramesh Kanna is there in the servant’s role and Ambika, as the mother who is illiterate in cooking has created many such situations. The father hero, as expected is a respectful person. He is being adored by rich people, police and even rowdies. So this down to earth person doesn’t have big tensions to hold. He is also a supporting factor for his son from the childhood. Each and every shot has got “Vikraman special” background score and effects; this time it is done by Vijay Antony, he followed the same style of SA Rajkumar here, but the songs are not good.

The way in which the attitude of two heroines shown here, resembles many films done by the same director in the past. Some of the scenes which his created for comedy are not up to the mark. 55+ year old hero with the heroine at her 20’s - two of the songs shot on Vijayakanth & Meera Jasmin in abroad, is unbearable. (We can’t complain, since they will tell us “first you look into your own house, then only you interfere into your neighbor’s…”). As every Vikraman film, here also you are having positives and positives only in the storyline to highlight. Villains have to pay their price in the end. Also, with such an ordinary treatment, the director failed to keep the tempo in the suspense happened in the interval time.

In the current speed track, an usual slow film like ‘Mariyadhai’ will have to suffer much to get its pace.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

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