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Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Dileep, Satyaraj, Biju Menon, Charmi, Sareena Wahab
Director : Kamal
Music : Ouseppachan

Before establishing in the field as an actor, Dileep was an assistant director to Kamal in some of his films. The same director has made films like 'Ee Puzhayum Kadannu', 'Kaikkudanna Nilaavu' etc with casting Dileep in lead roles. Their previous venture 'Pachakkuthira' w
as a big flop. After 'Swapnakkoodu' (2003), the director didn't get a big hit through out these years. Ajayan Vincent, who gave an excellent camera work in 'Bhramaram', is the cinematographer here. Kamal joined his hands with music director Ouseppachan after a gap of 18years for the film 'Aagathan', they had worked together for films like 'Unnikale Oru Kadha Parayaam', 'Kaakkothikkavile...', 'Thoovalsparsam', 'Pookkaalam Varavaayi', 'Ulladakkam', 'Aayushkkaalam' etc. Tamil actor Satyaraj makes his debut in the malayalam film field through this film. Actress Kalyani ('Kaattuchembakam' fame) is back to malayalam after his busy schedules in telugu and tamil, with a different name Charmi.

The film opens in Kashmir, where hero Gautham Menon's (Dileep) family is attacked in his childhood days by the terrorists. His parents are killed and though his sister is survived, later she is also dead after spending some years in the hospital. In the current period, Gautham is transferred to Bangalore as the chief of a private firm. He reaches Kerala to meet his well wishers. He meets a retired soldier (Lal), who knows about the terrorist attack that changed his life. While traveling, Gautham meets Shreya (Charmi). One the way, the hero gets a chance to save the old lady from an accident. His helping mentality is being liked by the heroine (as expected). Shreya stays with his cousin's family in the city. She searches for Gautham here and there. Anyway they met later and loved each other. Their marriage is fixed and they all went to Shreya's house to get blessings from her parents (Sathyaraj and Sareena Wahab). Her father is a retired army officer, who got many awards and medals for serving the country. Gautham was searching for the same officer that lead the army group who acted against the the terrorists on the particular day when his family were destroyed. The post interval area of the film discusses the grudge between the hero and the heroine's father, the latter playing secret fowl games to ruin the former and the other members of the family doesn't knows anything about this.

The theme of 'Aagathan' has got some similarity with the Padmarajan-IV Sasi film 'Itha Ivide Vare' which happened in the later 70's. There, the revenge episode was too strong, but here the hero wants to take revenge without losing his
lover and he also wants to maintain his good image infront of others (and viewers also). That will be reason for giving such a cliche climax where the hero and the heroine join hands. The director who had written the story and shares the screenplay credit with Kalavoor Ravikumar, should have tried to maintain the suspense till the end. Here the motive of the hero is told in the beginning itself and it is straight also. Also the revenge area is not strong. The second half area should have been done in a more interesting way. It is a cinematic coincidence that the hero also stays in the rented house in the big city which is owned by heroine's cousin.

A couple of songs are being repeated twice, the visuals in the first song regarding the hero's childhood, gives a restless feel. Ouseppachan's songs are more suitable for the new era style, it won't have an ever lasting life. His bg score is good. Ajayan Vincent's camera work is colorful and V.Saajan, who is the editor for the first time in Kamal films, did his job well. Dileep and Charmi did their roles well. With Saikumar's voice, Satyaraj also made his presence notable. The film covers a wide number of locations like Kulu, Nainithaal, Ootty, Bangalore, Kambam etc.

'Aagathan' doesn't have big negatives to project. With such a theme, a better presentation is needed for the film. You can watch it, if there are no other choices left to you.

Rating : 6.5 / 10

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nikhimenon said...

good review....

btw kaikudanna had jairam in lead role.dileep had a supportin role in it...and to my knowledge,swapnakoodu was nt a big hit..was an average grosser only....the cop bein high