Sunday, February 28, 2010


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Jai, Premji Amaran, Vaibhav, Aravind, Sampath Raj, Sneha, Piya Bajpai

Director : Venkat Prabhu

Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

After the grand success of films like 'Chennai 600028' and 'Saroja', director Venkat Prabhu, music director Yuvan Shankar Raja, cinematographer Sakthi Sravanan, art director Vidhesh, costume designer Vasuki Bhaskar etc once again teamed up for their new project named 'Goa'. This time, their producer is also big and different, it is none other than Soundarya Rajnikanth, under the banner of Ocher Studios. The director had tried to repeat the majority of actors that worked with him in his previous films.

The film starts in Pannaipuram, a village near Madhurai where three friends Samikkannu (Premji Amaran), Vinayakam (Jai) and Ramarajan (Vaibhav), lived like 'good for nothing' peoples. Being caught for doing some fowl plays, the panchayat leader decided that those three should never meet again in the future for the welfare of the locals. Being annoyed at this, they decided to leave the place, reached Madhurai where they meet Vinayakam's friend, who is being married to a foreign lady. When heard about the love matters that happened in Goa, they decided to visit Goa and to settle their life after being married to any white ladies. When reached the destination, they met Jack (Aravind), who arranged a good food and shelter for them. Danny (Sampath Raj), a close companion of Jack is also helping them. Samikkannu came across Jessica, a foreign girl, whom he met in Madhurai. Vinayagam is being loved by Roshni (Piya Bajpai), while Ramarajan is mad of Suhasini (Sneha), a rich girl. In the middle, relationship between Danny and Samikkannu is being misunderstood by Jack, which is also treated in a comical way. What happens to the ambitions of these friends is shown in the climax of 'Goa'.

Starting the film with a folk song based on the birth place of Ilayaraja and Gangai Amamran, sung by their descendants Karthik, Yuvan, Venkat and Premji will not be a coincidence. Those visuals which covers the first few minutes of the film gives a village flavor. Later on, the film takes its pace when it reaches the colorful locations of Goa. Those who have seen the previous films by the director know his presentation style, 'Goa' is also not different. It is also told in a satirical way. The lights appearing on the face of Ramarajan when he sees a girl, the poor english language used by Vinayakam, 'kangal irandaal...' song given as background for Samikkannu when he stands with Vinayakam, usage of the dilaogues "enna kodumai sir..." and "evvalavo pannitto...", placement of Silambarasan in a guest role, flashback scenes of the village leader, the protrayal of homo sexual relationship scenes in a funny way which is never seen before in south indian films are all examples of the young writer-director's signature.

Premji Amaran, Jai and Vaibhav did well in the lead roles, especially Premji Amaran's comical body language creates more laughing. Sampath
Raj, who has been doing negative roles these days, gave a different performance here. Including two village type songs and a theme mix, done by Yuvan Shankar Raja are good for the mood, especially the background score given with the help of Premji Amaran needs special mention. Sakthi Saravanan's camera work is colorful. The second half area including the climax needs more stability, it is also doubtful whether narrow minded people will appreciate gay relationship scenes, though it is told in a lighter way.

'Goa' is a musical entertainer with full of joy, fun and humor. If you have seen the previous two hits by the same director, then don't miss this one also.

Rating : 7.5 / 10