Sunday, February 7, 2010


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Ajith Kumar, Prabhu, Sampath, Sameera Reddy, Bhavana

Director : Saran

Music : Bharadwaj

Tamil actor Vijay came twice to our state capital in the last 3-4years as a part of promotional campai
gn and to celebrate the victory of his movies. The big initial collection for the actor in these days, showed his popularity among the malayalee audiences. As Vijay's film 'Vettaikkaran' is running here successfully, his competitor Ajith Kumar had come up with his latest film, 'Asal'. The large number of publicity stills and posters near the releasing centers proved that he is also having many fans here. Though his last film, 'Aegan' was a big flop, his stylish appearance in 'Billa' had given him an extra mileage. It is a fact that both the actors mentioned above, who had started their career in the early 90's, is only one film behind in achieving their 50th film record.

Director Saran, who gave some
notable films with Ajith Kumar like 'Kaathal Mannan', 'Amarkkalam' and 'Attagasam', had directed the film. Sameera Reddy, who got tamil debut through 'Vaaranam Aayiram' and malayalee girl Bhavana are the heroines. Prasanth D Mishale, who was as assistant to Nirav Shah, is becoming an independent cinematographer through this film. The director's favorite music director, who had worked for majority of his films, Bharadwaj handles the music department. 'Asal', yet another double role film for the hero, is mainly shot in the foreign locations of France, is produced by Prabhu for Sivaji Productions. Along with Saran, actor Yugi Sethu and Ajith Kumar himself shares the credits for the scripting side.

The story is about the rich father (Ajith), who is an international negotiator and arms dealer based in Paris. He always wanted to see his son
Siva (Ajith) and his step brothers Sam (Sampath) and Vikky (Rajiv Krishna, 'Aaha', 'Devaragam' fame) living unitedly. Siva has always been father's favorite, unlike his brothers he is straight forward and has got a gutsy nature too. Even after opposed by their father, Sam and Vikky decided to do the business of supplying arms to terrorist and drug dealings with the help of their uncle (Pradep Rawat, 'Gajini' fame) and a police officer (Suresh, 'Panneer Pushpangal' fame). In between, the father is dead and Siva is cornered by his step brothers in his family. Vicky is being kidnapped by a Mumbai based don, Shetty (Keli Dorji, 'Billa', 'Don', 'Tango Charlie' fame). Siva reaches Mumbai with a lady (Sameera Reddy), working in the Embassy and when he reaches Mumbai he has got the support of his father's friend (Prabhu) and a girl (Bhavana) working with him. By his own master plan, Siva saves his brothers from Shetty; but the cruel and cunning attitude of Sam and Vicky has never been changed, they tried to destroy Siva.

The story of the film is not new, it reminds us of some of the old films by MGR and Rajnikant. But it is covered up with the colorful presentation in the foreign locations by the director Saran, accompanied by some fast action sequences. Stunt masters William Ong, Patrick Bruneton, Kanal Kannan and Dalapathi Dinesh should be mentioned. Baradwaj had given a heavy bg score. 'Totta Doing...' song inspired from 'Tantanaa...' in 'Kaminey' is a rememberable one, choreography by Raju Sundaram is also good. The credit for giving richness in each frames should go to new cinematographer Prasanth D Mishale. The most wanted editor in south india, Anthony has also given a good support. Ajith Kumar, in a fashionable appearance ha
d done his role well.

The make-up given for the father character should have been different; here the director had made the job easier by giving an identical appearance for the father and the son characters. The first few scenes of Bhavana's character who behaves childishly can make you restless. Though Yugi Sethu has done well, placement of a popular comedian in that role should have created more laughing sequences. 'Thala', the nick name given to the actor is used along with the dialogues in too many areas.

'Asal' is a stylish film which won't keep you boring. The theme of the film may not be different, but it can be watched for its technical brilliance...

Rating : 6.5 / 10 (revised)

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