Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Name is Khan

Medium : Hindi
Starring : Sharukh Khan, Kajol, Sareena Wahab, Jimmy Shergil

Director : Karan Johar

Music : Shankar Ehsaan Loy

Karan Johar is a notable director in the modern era of bollywood. Though he has given only three films in the last one and half decades, they are all popular enough to place his name on the top of the list of directors. 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai', 'Kabhi Kushie Kabhie Gum' and 'Kabhie Alvida
Na Kehna' were those projects and he has also produced films like 'Kaal', 'Dostana', 'Kurbaan', 'Wake Up Sid' etc. Now, he has given his favorite on-screen pair, Sharukh Khan and Kajol, another chance in his new project 'My Name is Khan'. It is jointly produced by the hero and the director themselves. After Amir Khan's 'Gajini', wellknown cinematographer Ravi K Chandran's next big project will be 'My Name is Khan'.

The film tells the life of an innoc
ent guy Rizwan Khan (Sharukh Khan), who is suffering from Autism disease. Through his narration, we are shown how he spent his childhood days with his mother (Sareena Wahab). At one stage, she passed away. Khan's elder brother is married and settled in US. As his mother's wish, Khan reaches US. Due to his illness, he is afraid of the crowd gathering, yellow colors, huge sounds etc. As per his brother's wish, he does the job of a sales man. He met Mandira (Kajol), who is working in a beauty parlor. They usually got in touch and gradually they loved each other. She, being a hindu girl is a divorcee and had got a son also. Now Khan also comes to their family and they lived happily. By this time, 9/11 episode happens and it has changed the stable environment in the country and human inequality on the religious basis thus began among certain sections of the people. Mandira's son has also become a victim of such an incident and he is killed. This causes a split between the couple. She is too angry for her husband and asks him to tell the people and the President of United States that he is not a terrorist. With such an intention, Khan left the place and whether he is succeeded in it, is shown in the later portions.

'My Name is Khan' is presented in a big canvas, more than 96% of the film is shot in various parts of US. Thus the director with the help of the experienced cinematographer had tried to give a hollywood feel in the frames. Sharukh Khan, who comes in the lead role, with a man suffering from Autism, gave an excellent performance., which is the career best one for the actor. The director had portrayed his role in a slightly humorous way also. Kajol has also done well and she is charming in her appearance. The boy who did the role of heroine's son is also good.

The first half area concentrates on hero's childhood days and his survival in the abroad region later followed by the romance and family scenes. The second half area is tensed due to the hero's esteemed wish to see the President. Though such an area has got a cinematic touch, since the intention is true and positive, it can be accepted. The scenes inside the mosque, Khan's intimacy with the black lady Mamma, marketing strategies by Khan and the way in which the media taking over the contreversial case are some of the notable scenes.
The climax felt a little lengthy also. Director Karan Johar should be appreciated for taking such a realistic theme which has got a world wide market value also. Songs by Shankar Ehsaan Loy goes with the mood, their bg score is also good.

'My Name is Khan' is different from the director's previous films with the same hero. The film has got an international theme with a message, supported by an excellent performance from the lead actor.

Rating : 8 / 10


reshmy said...

Thanks to Karan Johar for giving such a relevant movie without usual dramatic situations..and thanks to u Prasanthetta for giving such good comments


good report