Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sufi Paranja Katha

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Sharbani Mukherji, Prakash Baare, Thampi Antony, Jagathi, Indrans
Director : Priyanandanan

Music : Mohan Sitara

After receiving a good name through films like 'Neythukaaran' (best actor national award for Murali) and 'Pulijanmam' (national award for best malayalam film), director Priyanandanan has given his new film 'Sufi Paranja Katha'. The film is based on a novel written by K.P.Ramanunni with the same name. The literary work has got many awards and was also translated into many other languages. The film script is written by the author himself. Sharbani Mukherji has done the lead role here. She got her debut through the hindi film 'Border', 13years before, has done the film 'Raakkilippattu' (directed by Priyadarshan) also. Her cousins Kajol and Rani Mukherjee are also notable artists in bollywood. Prakash Baare, who is also the producer of the film, is the hero here. Thampi Antony also did an important character here.

The film sta
rted by showing the muslim saint, Sufi (Babu Antony) telling the story to a young journalist (Vineeth Kumar) regarding 'biwi', a muslim lady that lived in the ancient period . The story happens in the early 19th century in a traditional hindu family where Karthyani (Sharbani Mukherji) was born. Her uncle (Thampi Antony) predicted some dangers and sensed un usual things to happen in the family as as result of her birth. The girl was special in her character. She experienced loneliness in the family and was deeply attached to her uncle. She got in touch with a muslim trader, Maammutty (Prakash Baare) who came to the village to do business. Both of them loved each other and ran away to his native at Ponnanni. When reached there, she is being converted to Islam. With her knowledge in natural medicines, she treated the local people suffering from small diseases. She wished to follow and practice the culture and traditions of her original religion. Her husband allowed it and she started doing rituals in a small temple built in their premises. The muslim lady worshiping the hindu god, had created chaos in the community. Though Maammutty gave maximum support to her, at one stage he also acted against it. The issues happening in the society is shown in the later areas of 'Sufi Paranja Katha'.

Sharbani Mukherji, the girl with the light brown eyes, suits the character very well and had delivered her best. Prakash Baare, who happened to be the producer of the film also, had given an excellent performance. Thampi Antony, in the uncle's role had also given an unbelievable performance (Shoby Thilakan dubbe
d for him). Jagathi and Indrans also gave did well in their serious roles. Cinematographer KG Jayan did a good job without much gimmicks. Mohan Sitara's background score is slightly heavy, but it goes with the mood. Gokuldas (art) and Kumar Edappal (costumes) are those people who have got some serious works to do while working on periodical films.

A couple of years ago, I had seen Priyanandanan crying before the invitees in a function, seeking to give a theater for the release of his film 'Pulijanmam'. But this time the scenario is different., he had succeeded in attracting crowds and big banner Central Pictures came forward to distribute the film, which is also a good sign. The film is presented in the best way it can. The intimacy in relationship between the heroine and her uncle, the changes happening in Jagathi's character etc are some of the areas to be noted. How ever we can't agree the hero supporting the homo sexual relationship in the later portion of the film.

'Sufi Paranja Katha' is a film which is very relevant in the current period. The film gives a message also which is said through Jagathi's character "if we want to keep our faith, we have to sacrifice life and if we want to live, then we have to sacrifice faith..."

Rating : 7.5 / 10

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