Monday, March 8, 2010


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Manikkuttan, Nawaz, Varadha, Swetha Menon
Director : Salim Baba
Music : Sayan Anwar

Manikkuttan, the young actor who has been notable through the popular tele serial 'Kayamkulam Kochunni', came to the cine field doing a lead role in director Vinayan's film, 'Boy Friend'. L
ater on, he has done supporting roles in films like 'Chotta Mumbai, 'Hareendran Oru Nishkalangan', 'Bada Dosth', 'Kalabham', 'Passenger' etc. Now he has done the central character, in the new film 'Valiyangaadi'. It is directed by Salim Baba, who has given 'masala' films like 'Rapid Action Force', 'Pramukhan' etc.

The story of this film is told in the backdrop of a market, the hero doing the role of a head load worker (coolie). Though films like 'Ee Lokam Ivide Kure Manushyar', 'Chandha', 'British Market', 'Red Salute', 'Mattuppetti Machaan' and 'Ali Bhai' discussed the market based themes, the majority of them didn't get a good success. But the film 'Angaadi' directed by I.V.Sasi, with the
identical theme that got released almost 30years ago, still stands on the top of the hit chart and the hero role done by late actor Jayan is the talk of the town in this century also.

'Valiyangaadi' is a market based in Kozhikkode, where people lives happily and unitedly, irre
spective of the religious and political barriers. Ananthu (Manikkuttan), a well educated guy, loves to do the coolie job. He and his companions (Nawaz, Harisree Martin, Narayanankutty, Saaju Kodiyan, Ramesh Kurumasseri) are willing to support anybody at any time. Ananthu is also treated as the spokesperson of the entire trade union workers. The local business man and some politicians who are unhappy seeing the unity among the people had created a fowl play and put the blame on Ananthu. As a result, he is being thrown out from the market. In the end, the real culprits are caught through the fight sequence and the hero once again became the leader of 'Valiyangaadi'.

The first scene of the film in which the hero's companions ('Cinemaala' team) gathers in a tea shop, discussing the current affairs felt amateurish and it gives the clear picture of the film. The reason for such a casting might depends on the volume of help taken by the script writer Mahesh Mithra from them and it is also a cause to reduce the production cost of the film. We don't know why the director had chosen such an introduction morphing shot (yesteryear actor Jayan to Manikkuttan). Is it because, here also the hero tells the english dialogues like Jayan did in 'Angaadi' ? The heroine showing angry which in turn converted to love is seen 1000 times before. The cause of sudden disappearing of the professor character done by Subair is not clear told. The villain who is introduced in the interval scene has given an un professional performance through out. The attitude of hero and his companions willing to give financial support to anybody at anytime is not a realistic thing to watch. The enmity shown by the hero's true companions in the later portions is a cliche. Swetha Menon, shown in a lovable lady role in the beginning, is certainly not a suspense character as she doesn't have a 'thulabhaaram' Sharadha image among the audience. The heroine character done by Varadha ('Sulthan' fame) doesn't look matured even after wearing specks.

Manikkuttan, in his younger age, had tried his best to do the matured action oriented role filled with punch dilaogues also (but it is not 'good' enough to compare with Jayan's role in 'Angaadi'). The cinematographer Sasi Ramakrishna doesn't gave rich frames, editor Sreenivas also didn't tried to give fast cutting for this action film. Choreographer Rekha didn't gave any new steps here (also don't know the relevance of placing a middle aged man in 'kashayam jubba' dress in the dance song lead by the hero). Director Salim Baba did this film, targeting the front benchers, but it is for the time to tell whether they like this movie. Songs are below average only. Background score by V.Thasi (as shown in credits, it might be a spelling mistake!) is poor and horrible.

The only good thing, i learned from this film is that the hero character here explaining the reason for writing the word 'ambulance' from right to left on vehicles...

Though the end product seems to be unprofessional, 'Valiyangaadi' also contains those ingredients as every 'action masalas' bearing the same kind of themes should have. It is up to you to decide whether you want to be a part of this venture or not.

Rating : 3.5 / 10

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