Sunday, March 21, 2010


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Indrajith, Thilakan, Sidhiq, Jagathi, Lalu Alex, Dhanya Mary

Director : Lijo Jose Pallissery

Music : Prasanth Pillai

Recently, I happened to see the trailer of a new film in mini screen. It was
loaded with colorful action sequences, resembling a hindi-tamil film. Seeing the actors, it was evident that it is a malayalam film, 'Naayakan', the lead role being done by Indrajith Sukumaran, who is enjoying the success of 'Happy Husbands' these days. The director's name was also new, Lijo Jose Pallissery, son of late actor Jose Pallissery, who has been working in the Ad field so far. The big name behind lenses for the film 'Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya', Manoj Paramahamsa has worked as the cinematographer here. Keeping in mind that an attractive trailer alone can't create a good product on big screen, I went to watch the film. (I was shocked to see the celebrations and heavy band music inside the theater howling "Superstar Indrajith Ki Jay", don't know whether these people have come on their own...!)

The film tells the story of Vardhan (Indrajith), a Kathakali artist who is taking revenge against the villain gangs (Vijayaraghavan, Sidhiq etc) one by one with the help of his companions (Anil Murali, Sreejith Ravi, Saloo K George etc). The baddies who were responsible for destroying his family were targeted. For his mission, he is getting a big support from an old underworld gang leader, Kaaranavar (Thilakan). His daughter, who is a lawyer (Dhanya Mary), is in fond of Varadhan. A police officer (Lalu Alex), who is in charge of the murder investigation, has been following the hero. The twist happens when the hero prepares to take revenge on his main enemy and whether he is succeeded in it is shown in the later portions.

Though 'Naayakan' is a revenge story told many times before, the Kathakali background for telling the story and the way in which the scenes are divided into certain sections related to the traditional art, is not seen before. The new director who has got immense experience in the Adv field, has made his debut project notable and attractive, by the way in which the visuals are given. The silent mood needed for an action subject is created. Script writer PS Rafeeq, had also done his part well. The first few scenes felt dramatic, later on it fell on the right track, especially the dialogues relating the examples from the epics are good. The scenes in which the police officer teaching his junior, the combination scene of the old gang leader and the villain inspector, the gun shot still leading to the interval area etc are some of the catchy scenes. Indrajith had done his role well. Thilakan and Lalu Alex also gave a good company. Sidhiq, whose appearance has got the Shekespearian character, is the best. Cameraman Manoj Paramhamsa's visuals, in which the shots are floating most of the time, is a different style used here.

The scene in which the hero reaching abroad to buy weapons, felt cinematic. The reason for the death of hero's family members needs more stability. The film lags here and there, more fast cuts on the editing side (by Manoj) should have been done. Music director Prasanth Pillai, who is claiming as an assistant to A.R.Rahman, has not given atleast a popular song here. His background score is also not the best.

You might have witnessed similar action themes before; don't expect much from 'Naayakan' also and those who are too fond of revenge stories can watch it for a time pass.

(we have welcomed many like this from the superstars before, so why don't from someone who belongs to the new generation...?)

Rating : 6.5 / 10

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