Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Prasanna, Sibiraj, S.P.Balasubramanyam, Ramya, Yasmin Khan

Direction : Sakthi S.Rajan

Music : James Vasanth, Thaman (bg score)

In the last 10years, we saw the rise of many new writ
er-directors in the tamil field. Most of them are successful due to their uniqueness in the story and scripting sides, along with that they may give more importance in presenting such subjects also. Now Sakthi S.Rajan, former assistant director to Myshkin and Venkat Prabhuha, had got his debut ventrue 'Naanayam'. The film is based on a bag robbery. The director might have got inspiration from hollywood films like 'The Bank Job', 'The Great Bank Robbery' etc and also from the bollywood hit 'Aankhen'. Prasanna and Sibiraj, struggling young stars have done the lead roles. It is also good to see that Sibiraj (s/o Sathyaraj), had shown the bravery to do the negative character like his father done in old days. The film is produced by S.P.B. Charan (s/o S.P.B), who gave films like like 'Chennai 600028', 'Mazhai' etc.

Ravi (Prasan
na) is working with Trust Bank, where Viswanath (S.P.B) is the CEO. The former had developed an advanced technology for maintaining the safety measures of the bank. He came across a journalist Nandini (Ramya), a divorcee and started loving her. One day, a quarreling happened between Ravi and Nandini's ex-husband and the very next day he is killed later. At this time, Fareed (Sibiraj) appears by showing the photos of Ravi's involvement in the murder. He needs the company of Ravi, who is aware of the security systems, for the bank robbery. When Ravi disagrees, by keeping Nandini in custody, Fareed warned him that he will hand over the photos to police. Thus in such an un avoidable situation, Ravi made the master plan for the robbery and whether they are succeeded in it, is the theme of 'Naanayam'.

The film has got a thrilling s
tory with a good suspense. The problem in the scripting side and inclusive of some of the negative ingredients in it is the black mark here. As the audience is too sensible these days, it is difficult to keep a suspense and carry it over till the end. This has happened here also. In the beginning area itself, Viswanath is shown attacked by a stranger, who later appears in the same bank where he works and his reaction towards the matter lacks clarity. We also don't know whey Ravi is so mad of Nandini, as they have not been the companions for a long time. Though Nandini is kept under the custody of Fareed, no emotional attitude is shown by her, that forces Ravi to rob the bank. The way in which Ravi trying to influence Fardeen's close friend, is childish. The way in which Nandini dancing through the lazer beam is a cinematic thing. Other than these, the main negative happened is in the case of songs that comes in unwanted situations. I also wonder, how could a producer like S.P.B.Charan, who is also a singer himself, gave green signal for such a below average songs used here. Music director James Vasanth ('Subramanyapuram', 'Pasanga' fame) failed to deliver good songs.

OmPrakash, the cinematographer had given excellent visuals, which resembles hollywood films in most frames. Prasanna had done well in his role. Sibiraj is also good as the villain, his body language is similar to his father. By making this colorful movie, the new director Sakthi S.Rajan proved that he is a promising technician; he may come up with a better project later understanding the mistakes he had committed this time.

Those who are too mad of suspense thrillers can watch 'Naanayam'; but keep in mind that it is not a stable product as expected, you should be ready to face some negatives in the middle also...

Rating : 6 / 10

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