Sunday, March 28, 2010


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Mammootty, Sidhiq, Suresh Krishna, Shaanu, Sneha, Lakshmi

Director : B.Unnikrishnan

Music : M.Jayachandran

After directing films like 'Maadambi' (by Mohanlal), 'Smart City' and 'IG' (both by Sureshgopi), B.Unnikrishnan (also the writer of films like 'Cover Story', 'Sivam' and 'Tiger'), has got the chance to direct a Mammootty movie, named 'Pramaani' (seeing the similarity in title with 'Maadambi', it felt like the writer-director wants to give a similar character to Mammootty also, that he has given before to the other star). Here the hero is doing the role of a panchayat president which he has not done so far in the 30years of his career. After the film 'Thuruppugulaan', once again Sneha coming as the heroine for the same star.

Viswanath Panicker (Mammootty) is a corrupted panchayat president. He is in that position for the last many years. N
o one is there to question this. Where ever there is settlement of financial matters, Panicker reaches there and finds a solution for it by taking bribe; he is doing all this things with the help of his relative (Sidhiq), who is accompanying him always and another person from the family, a circle inspector (Baiju) also helps him. The opposition members also supports the president as they also get their part when the money is divided. At this time, the new panchayat secratary (Sneha) is appointed. She acts against the president in every issues. At this time, a private company owner (Suresh Krishna), meets Panicker and offers crores of money, as a part of getting bulk acres of paddy fields for starting a big project. The panchayat board has given NOC to the dealings. Paniker is deeply attached to the teacher (Lakshmi). She is also the mother of his late friend (Prabhu), who once neatly ruled the panchayat. As per her request Panicker decides to cancel the dealings with the private company, which was not liked by his family members and other officials. Now the hero single handedly decides to work for the welfare of the villagers by acting against the corruption.

The first few scenes of the film showing the hero's real character is not impressive. Till first half the hero is shown as a corrupted person, the reason for the u-turn from it, by changing the character is not neatly defined. The way in which the villagers and his close friend's relatives blaming the hero as a culprit has happened in many films before. The hero is shown as a person ruling the panchayat for many and many yars, but in the flashback portion with his friend, the appearance is not changed. The continuity in the shots is deeply affected in the scenes where the hero eating food at teacher's house and the performance of rituals outside the house. The hero registering the wealth in the name of relatives and all of them acting against him is the same situation that happened in the director's film, 'Maadambi'. The disappearing of the young character (Shaanu) and the hero saving him from the villain's go-down is a repetitive cliche, lifted from many old films. Shammi Thilakan's voice doesn't suits Prabhu, who did a guest role in a single scene and few shots in the song. Suraaj Venjarammood's comedy situations is not attractive as before.

The cinematic makeup given for Janardhanan's character is similar to Fieldel Castro, which is good. Mammotty in the lead role doesn't have big to perform. Shyam Dutt's camera work is good as per the mood of the movie. M.Jayachandran's background score is ok. 'kara karangana...' song is happening in a created situation, choreography by Dinesh doesn't felt professional as Kalabhavan Mani's over acting is evident in it most of the time.

As a spokesperson, talking through the media regarding controversial matters might be good for
B.Unnikrishnan, but along with that he should come up with a better project also to attract the viewers that are not interested in coming to theaters these days.

There is nothing big and different in 'Pramaani' to be promoted. The hero's character shows a negative attitude in the beginning, as expected he acts against the baddies later for the positive climax.

Rating : 5.5 / 10

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