Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Universal Soldier Regeneration

Medium : English
Starring : Jean Claude Vaandamme, Dolph Lundgren

Director : John Hyams

After a shor
t gap, I am getting chance to watch another English movie. This time it is 'Universal Soldier Regeneration', the third one in the 'Universal Soldier Series' of films. The main attraction here is the action hero who did the lead role, he is none other than Jean Claude Vaandamme. May be he might not have big hits to project in the past few years, but I still remember the big crowd I have seen at the theater for the release of his films like 'Kick Boxer', 'Double Impact', 'Hard Target' etc which happened during my school - college days. The fact that I have missed the first two films in the 'Universal Soldier' series of films, provoked me to watch the latest one at any cost.

From the title and the promotional stills itself, the story of the film can be predicted easily. My assumption didn't went wrong, once the film started. The son and daughter of the Russian prime minister is kidnapped by a rebel group. They are demanding the release of around 250 numbers of prisoners to free the siblings. If failed to achieve their demand, the group had given a warning by placing a time bomb at the nuclear reactor, which may explode after 72 hours from now. The officials soon find out the culprits behind the incidents and it is known that a scientist who is capable of developing next generation Universal Soldiers is a core member of the baddie gang. After a day, the prime minister ordered the release of 110 prisoners, but the bomb has to be diffused now. This time the army took the help of commando Luc (Jean Claude Vaandamme), who was also a member of the Universal Soldiers group once. He reaches the enemy's place, kills them one by one and how he saves the people from the custody is shown here after.

We have seen many similar type of subjects right from the olden days in many languages (even a malayalam film by Mohanlal, 'Moonnaam Mura' belongs to the same genre), but the interesting part lies in its presentation. It is evident from the opening scene of the film in which the kidnapping happens. Also to differentiate the theme, the creators had developed a particular group with super human powers as 'Universal Soldiers' also. Though I don't like such unrealistic situations happening in Hollywood these days, since movie is a make belief medium and they are presented it in a realistic way, I am prepared to keep silent.

The chasing and the associated incidents are presented professionally. The gun firing shots and the fight sequences towards the climax are the major highlights of the movie. The director had tried to exploit the action image of Vaandamme, as a result he is talking with the guns only in most of the scenes. The cinematographer of this movie Peter Hyams, who happened to be the director of hit films like 'Time Cop' and 'Sudden Death' by the same hero, has given the natural visuals. His brother John Hyams had directed the movie.

Those who are too mad of Hollywood action movies can watch 'Universal Soldier Regeneration'.

Rating : 6.5 / 10

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