Thursday, June 18, 2009

Aanandha Thandavam

After big films like ‘Annyan’, ‘PachakkiliMuthucharam’, ‘Dasavatharam’, ‘Varanam Aayiram’ etc the notable producer Ravichandran under the banner of Aascar Films (previously Oscar Films) has come up with his new project ‘Aanandha Thandavam’. It is directed by AR Gandhikrishna, who has shown his caliber through the film ‘Chellame’. The story of the film is adapted from the famous writer (late) Sujatha’s novel ‘Pirivom Santhippom’. This is a triangular love story featuring artists like Sidharth, Thamanna and Rukmini. Since other two are new faces in the industry, the concentration will be more on Thamanna, the charming girl who is emerging as the top heroines in South India.

After his studies, the hero (Sidharth) comes to the village near the dam site where his father (Kitti) works. There he meets a girl (Thamanna) and when her parents know about their affair, they decided to arrange their engagement. When he went for a job to a far away place, her marriage is fixed to some other NRI guy. The girl also stands with the parent’s wish. Being annoyed of this, the hero leaves to US. There he meets a girl (Rukmini) who always supports him and also advises him to lead a gentle life and thus to take revenge on the ex lover. After few days, when their marriage is fixed, he meets his first love and her husband. Still he has got a concern for her. What happens to the three in the middle of such a situation is the story of ‘Aanandha Thandavam’.

May be we might have seen many hindi films in the past which is having a similar story line. But here it is not a carbon copy of those. Some of the scenes need to be mentioned. The main thing is the choosing of a different location near the dam as the hero-heroine’s native. Such a place (near Thirunelveli) has never been showed in any of the films. Next is the characterization of hero’s father. Kitti’s performance with a natural body language and dialogue delivery should be noted. As expected, Thamanna is attractive. Her childishness and non seriousness character also felt different. Though there is nothing big to spot out in the scenes in US, the director has tried to show the unique customs followed by the citizens through some scenes featuring the college and families.

Only thing and the important area which may not be accepted is the fluctuating behavior of the hero and the heroine. Hero was in deeply love with the lady in the first half, later they got separated, even after knowing that he is cheated he still goes behind her. Also, on the other side the heroine has got an odd character. Though she likes the hero, she refuses to marry him and later even after she got married with some other one, she needs hero’s company. In the end, when hero decided to choose his bride, the first girl again comes to his life. Though still he doesn’t love her, he has got a concern for her. This is the main problem in converting a literary work to celluloid. Readers will easily agree such things, but when it forms the story line of a film it will be hard to be got digested. We can’t complain, if an average viewer gets irritated due to the attitude of the hero in the second half. The creators might fight him by telling “that is what true love is…”

GV Prakash kumar has given some good music. Among them, ‘Kanaa Kangiren…’ is the catchy one. Songs are neatly picturised. Jeeva Shanker’s cinematography is colorful. New hero Sidharth is not a bad choice. Rukmini, the silent girl in the modern outfits has also done well. The main attraction is Thamanna who has got a naughty attitude in the beginning and her innocence is more projected in the second half.

‘Aanandha Thandavam’ is not a straight love story; but it has got romance, hatred, hope etc. It is told in the background of songs without any violence.

Rating : 6 / 10

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