Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Terminator Salvation

Very recently only I have watched the latest version of the 'X Men' series. Now within a week's gap, another hollywood sequel got released. This time it is for 'Terminator', may be more popular than the previous film. The forth part is released. Arnold Schwarzenegger is well known through such a series of films.

An year before,we have discussed the issues regarding the making of a sequel subject. We reached a conclusion that the risk may be minimum since the character and its nature is well known to the viewers. The challenge relies in the fact that how the new film should be molded neatly to make it also a superhit like its previous version.

In one line, 'Terminator Salvation' deals with "Men vs Machines". In that way there is no difference in the base subject. The movie starts through the flashback of a prisoner, who has partly undergone serious experiments in becoming a machine. This guy, who is a mix up of man and machine has got a machine in place of human heart.

The story happens in the future period 2018. US Army conducts war against the machines, who is threat to the nation. After destroying many machines, they captures the man who partly has machines in his body. He escaped with the help of a lady working with the army. When caught by the hero (an army personal) again, he agrees to help them in finding the machine base. In the end, after a great fight between the bad machine and the good machine along with the hero, the army became victorious. When the hero is being seriously injured, machine men's heart is being transplanted to the former which saves him from the death.In between the
climax fight, Arnold also comes in his original character for 20-25seconds (I am confused that whether it is real or a 3d character).

Still the story of unnatural and unrealistic facts continues in the hollywood. Since they are presenting it in a believable way, no need for an argument. The grading of the film gives a different mood. Also once it is a non malayalam movie, we are happy to watch it and if possible give a good certificate. But this film is not so interesting when compared to the previous 'Terminator' series of films. Also the star cast is not heavy when compared to the majority of big budget English films.

If you are a fan of hollywood and really want to know what happens in the new 'Terminator' series, then you can watch 'Terminator Salvation'.

Rating : 7 / 10

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