Thursday, June 18, 2009


After the failure of much awaited film ‘Satyam’, young star Vishal is back with a new action flick, ‘Thoranai’. It is directed by debutant Sabha Ayyappan and his brother Vikram Krishna is producing the film. Shriya Saran (‘Sivaji’, ‘Azhagiya Thamizh Makan’ fame) is the heroine. Prakash Raj, Vishnu, Sayaji Shinde, Santhanam, Lal, Geetha etc are other artists.

The hero comes to the city from his village in search of his brother who left their family 20years ago. Even on the day of his arrival itself, he was a witness for the street fight between two gangs. Later he came to know that one of the gang leaders is his brother. Vishnu (’Pollathavan’, ‘Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu’ fame) comes in such a role. The hero saves him from the hands of his opponent (Prakash Raj). In the middle, he is getting time for romance also. The police also chase the gangs. However the young brother wins the battle and takes his brother home, this is the story of ‘Thoranai’.

The situation is seen many times in many films before. The presentation is also not different. Even the dialogues told by the hero and other characters are heard in many films. The comedy situation created by hero’s friend (Santhanam) is also not up to the mark. Unusual from his other films, the hero has tried to do comedy also. Vishal’s body language is not suitable to make us laugh; hence the outcome is a failure. But the tall man has adjusted it well in dance and fight scenes. This film is the best example for a heroine’s role in a hero oriented subject. She comes in regular intervals; first she fights with the hero and then loves him, to enhance this she has done some songs also. Nobody knows her background or whereabouts. Shriya is also not seen flexible in her role. Anyway as the subject demands, the hero wins the battle in the end with his muscle power.

Prakash Raj in the villain’s role is animated as usual. These types of roles are now a days a left hand job for the most wanted actor in the south. Vishnu, who has got a peculiar style with less expressions or emotions in the face, is good. Since both of them are placed in such a story line, they are like “right men in the wrong party…”

Mani Sharma has given the music; but there are no big memorable numbers. Among them, the presentation of “Vaa Chellam…” song is ok. Priyan’s cinematography is good. The debutant writer-director should try something different in his next film to stay in the game.

‘Thoranai’ is a repetitive cliché. There is action, songs, humour, sentiments etc but they are not enough to make a viewer satisfied once out of the theatre.

Rating : 5.5 / 10

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