Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The film ‘Vilapangalkkappuram’ was in the media as it has bagged four important awards in the Kerala State Film Awards announced recently. The best actress award for Priyanka, Aryadan Shaukkath for the best story writer; he happens to be the producer of this film also, the best female playback singer for Manjari and Kumar Edappal for costume designing were those winners. The film directed by TV Chandran got released only after those awards were announced.

This is the story of a muslim girl who lives in Gujarat. In the riot, she is a victim of gang rape and also lost her family members in the riot. She escaped to Kerala and being admitted to a hospital. She became talk of the town, in such an in secured condition she leaves the place and lives with a hindu family. This is opposed by her community and the mosque adopted her. Here marriage is being fixed; since she has to face similar brutal situation here she ran way to the darkness. As many victims of the riot, still she lives unnoticed without getting a stable space in the world.

TV Chandran’s style is different from those directors who belong to the same genre, but here all my expectations went wrong. This is mainly because of the problem in storyline. Thus the whole output became intolerable to a certain extent. We have seen similar situations which is neatly handled in films like ‘Kanakkinavu’, ‘Kadhavaseshan’ etc. One can also feel boring due to the slow presentation of such an usual subject.

Though the story writer had tried to tell the conventional thoughts existing in a certain community, we can’t say such things are new to us. From the first few scenes itself, once can predict what all can happen to the girl who comes from a pathetic situation, hereafter. The characterization of doctors (Suhasini and Biju Menon) lacks depth. The way in which Thilakan seriously uses his late wife’s name in most of the scenes can create laughing on some occasssions.

Priyanka has performed well. No need for a controversy on the awards given to her. MJ Radhakrishnan handled the camera. Issac Kottukapally’s background score is good, but the output lacks quality (confused whether it is the problem with the mixing or the theatre speakers).

‘Vilapangalkkappuram’ is an usual subject presented in an ordinary way only. No need for an extra promotion for this film.

Rating : 4.5 / 10

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