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Director Blessy, came to the cine field almost 22 years before as assistant to Padmarajan through films like 'Namukku Parkkan Munthirithoppukal', ‘Thoovanathumbikal’. He has also worked with directors like IV Sasi (‘Varnappakittu’), Venu Nagavally (‘Kizhakkunarum Pakshi’), Jayaraj (‘For the People’), Lohithadas (‘Soothradharan’) etc. His first independent film as director and script writer, ‘Kazhacha’ (with Mammootty), followed by ‘Thanmathra’ (with Mohanlal) gave an assessment on the caliber of this technician. His next few films like ‘Palungu’ (with Mamootty) and ‘Calcutta News’ (with Dileep) were not commercial hits. The concepts of those two films were good, but the main problem happened on the way in which it was narrated. Those who have seen ‘Calcutta News’ won’t forget some of the excellent visuals he took in the background of the city life (the scene in which Innocent’s character’s dreaming, treatment of climax fight etc are some of the examples).

Now the ace director is coming with his latest film ‘Bhramaram’ starring Mohanlal. The title has got some tag lines saying, “Brutally innocent…” and “First Road Movie in Malayalam…” It gives us the message that it is an action subject. (Even the posters of the film reminds us of the yester year film by Bharathan-MT-Lal, 'Thazhvaram'). After working with cinematographers like Azhagappan, Sethu Sriram, Santhosh Thundiyil and S Kumar in his previous films, now Ajayan Vincent gets the chance to hold the camera with Blessy. He is the younger son of veteran director- cinematographer Vincent and younger brother of senior cinematographer Jayanan Vincent. It is a history that Ajayan’s debut film was also ‘Thoovanathumbikal’. ‘Bhramaram’ is distributed by Max Laab (Mohanlal’s distribution company).

‘Bhramaram’ is the story a protagonist (Mohanlal) who comes to the city in search of his childhood friend (Suresh Menon). There is a mystery behind the former’s visit to the latter’s family (Laxmi Gopalasamy and Baby Niveditha). He fails to identify the hero who is his old friend, the instability in his behavior also created some doubts in the family’s mind. Anyway what is the reason behind the hero’s arrival and motive and how the hero tackles the situation is what the director Blessy told in a thrilling way through the revenge story, ‘Bhramaram’.

The highlight of the film is the outstanding performance by one of the finest actors in the country, Mohanlal. His one man show in which he delivers the emotions varying from smile, laugh, sentiments, aggressiveness, enmity etc is notable. After a long time, the superstar has got such a role to execute. The attitude of this central character changes from time to time, some times he is silent, sometimes violent, he laughs and at the same time he cries.

Next thing to be noted is the excellent cinematography. Ajayan Vincent has covered the maximum locations from city side (Coimbatore) to the high range (Marayoor and Nelliambathi). The film which involves many close-up shots and interior scenes of maximum vehicles like jeep, car, auto, lorry and bus has been shown differently in a superb way. The use of Jimmy Jib cameras in most areas also gives the authenticity to the visuals.

The binding factor between the hero and the camera man is, of course, the director. Blessy has proved again by doing an excellent job. The presentation of the film is the highlight here. The combination scenes involving the two friends (Mohanlal and Suresh Menon) will make the viewers curious every moment. By making the hero, drive vehicles like lorry and jeep in the high range, the complexity and outlook of the character is also projected. Suresh Menon, Muralikrishnan (Bharath Gopi's son), Laxmi Gopalaswamy, KPAC Lalitha, Baby Niveditha etc has also performed well as per director’s orders.

The action scenes by Thyagarajan are also good. Mohan Sitara has given two songs; “Annarakkanna Vaa…” song comes as bit in many times. Background score is also apt for the subject.

In the middle of many positives, the director has committed small mistakes by compromising. By placing a little girl (as hero’s daughter), who doesn’t know how to act, the flash back portions have gone out of control in few areas. (her performance has got the flavour of heroine's younger uncle's role done by Shajin in 'Aniyathipravu', hope u remember...) Also the crowd becomes restless for the village scenes of the hero, which affects the tempo of the movie for few minutes. Bhoomika (as hero’s wife), doesn’t have much to perform. In short, the motive behind hero’s journey should have treated more professionally. (I am ready to accept all these things in the sense, since it all happened in the middle of a breathtaking voyage; I don’t want to see another outcome of ‘Thirakkadha’ or ‘Pakalnakshatrangal’ here…!). Anyway it is good that such poor scenes covers only around 10% of the film's length.

‘Bhramaram’ is a thrilling experience which won’t happen always. Though there are small hurdles in the middle, the over all effect won’t make you boring.

Rating : 8 / 10


Anonymous said...

Fantastic performance from Mohanlal's side.If we take his best ten charectors this may be the top among them.I really congds Mohanlal

lalumon221b said...

u said one is namukku parkan munthirithoppukal not thoovanathumpikal which s the first film of blessy as an independent director........

reshmy said...

thanks prasanthetta for such a good review..but i fear Bhramaram will also have the same fate like thirakkadha and pakal nakshathrangal

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I saw the movie when i heard that u have rated the movie as excellent and gave 8 marks out of 10. Overall it is satisfactory. I couldn't digest the story of the movie .The first half of the movie is good.But second half ,it 's truly boring bcoz the end was as usual ,can be expected.Almost towards the end of the story,we could guess wht would have happend to mohanlal's family.Mohanlal's performance is superb.I went to see this movie with my children.Let me tell u one thing,it was very difficult for me and for my husband too to sit and watch this movie with my chidren as there were so many dialogues which were disgusting.moreover casting was also not good particularly bhoomika and girl in the role of mohnalal's daughter.I think u would have given 5/10 for this movie

Ajoy said...

I always felt and experienced from examples that Prasanth has a tendency to become a prejudiced critic when he analyse the movies of certain movie directors and music directors. Here also Prasanth in an urge to hide some major flaws occurred to Blessy while filming “Bhramaram”.
First of all let me comment about casting. Casting is a very important portfolio carried out by eminent persons in Hollywood. Unfortunately that professionalism has not yet arrived in Mollywood. The miscasting is one of the major flaws of the movie and also it has affected the totality of the movie. Bhoomika’s role could have been much much better if assigned to a beautiful actress like Meera Jasmine who also got a Keralite look. Mohanlal’s daughter is a very important role in the movie as she is supposed to create tides of tears in the theatre and give justice to the total barmy actions of the hero. The girl who performed the role has thoroughly failed in this and affected the totality of the movie in a very fatal way. While saying this let me congratulate Blessy for casting Muralikrishnan in the role of the friend’s role. His natural style of acting has given naturality to some scenes which would have been vulnerable without him.
Even though the beginning scenes and the portions of travel were handled with good craft, the song scenes which expose the major portions of anatomy of Bhoomika could have been avoided. Some actions and dialogues with double meaning intended to thrill low class audience could also have been avoided.
The title Bhramaram (beetle) doesn’t have any relevance to the story of the movie and the animation and the scenes of insect entering the ear of Mohan lal doesn’t justify why it is given as title of the Movie.
Anyway ignoring all these points, the extra ordinary performance of Mohan lal and the beautiful locations along with the outstanding camera work of Ajayan Vincent has helped the master craftsman in Blessy to bring a decent output in the recent times. On the whole it is a watchable movie and not an extra ordinary one.

prasanth said...

i agree with most of the facts quoted abouth 'bhramaram'. I have also written about the mistakes made in casting and flashback scenes by Blessy.but the problem is that if we are projecting such bad areas only, it can affect the total output.'bhramaram' is not a great movie..., but is it so worse to be cornered ? if viewers are not ready to welcome anything new, then the creators won't take any risk here after. also no scope to lodge a complaint regarding the quality of malayalam films these days. i feared, what happened to 'thirakkadha' and 'pakal nakshatangal' will happen to 'bhramaram' also. thats why, even after seeing some of the faults in the movie,i kept silent.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

i do not at all think it is fair to say the little girl was terrible because she didn't know how to act. She had a characteristic about her that completely threw off the crazy actions of the hero. Also , she met Blessy and Mohanlal as part of the auditions and that's how she was chosen. Just to let you know, I am that girl, 7 years later. So fuck you assholes.

Anonymous said...

i do not at all think it is fair to say the little girl was terrible because she didn't know how to act. She had a characteristic about her that completely threw off the crazy actions of the hero. Also , she met Blessy and Mohanlal as part of the auditions and that's how she was chosen. Just to let you know, I am that girl, 7 years later. So fuck you assholes.