Monday, June 1, 2009


Seeing the poster of the hero with a non cinematic face, my friend asked, “Why are you wasting time watching such films?” Though I didn’t argued, I passed information that he may not be glamorous, but he is not so ordinary to be cornered…he is one of the top choreographers in south india since last 10years, he has also directed 3 movies and has got success in it, he has acted in many films and even composed music for a recent telugu film. He is none other than Raghava Lawrence.

Adopting the title of old super hit films is now a fashion. The new tamil release has got the name of old hit by Superstar Rajnikanth, the name is ‘Rajadhiraja’. The main attractions of the film are glamour girls like Mumtaz, Meenakshi, Kamna Jethmalani, Snigdha etc who revolves around the hero. Sakthi Chidambaram, the man behind comedy and action masalas like ‘Englishkkaaran’, ‘Mahanadigan’, ‘Vyabari’, ‘Sandai’ etc has directed the movie.

As his father’s last wish, hero helped his three elder brothers to become a doctor, a lawyer and a police officer. The purpose was to serve the poor, but on the contrast, they all had chosen their own negative path using their power to become rich. To hide the truth, they even committed two murders. The hero, who was not aware of these facts in the beginning, is shocked. Three of them have got the support of a minister who is doing all the illegal business. How the younger brother manages all such things and takes revenge is the main plot here.

The basic story of ‘Rajadhiraja’ is good, which can even suits well for any superstar film. Since Lawrence is the actor and moreover he is surrounded by a bunch of heroines, the director had given importance for commercial elements like glamour, dance, fights, double meaning dialogues etc. From the beginning itself, heroines goes after the hero one by one seeking romance from him, which ends in the exposure of the heroine or a duet song or a dance song with fast steps. It is good to see that the main baddie role is handled by a lady; Mumtaz has done well in it. Her combination scenes with the hero also get claps. Other than fights, dances and romance, there are no heavy scenes imposed on the hero which requires natural performance. He also had a bulk of punch dialogues (similar to Rajnikanth & Simbu films) to project his heroism, followed by many double meaning words.

Suresh Devan’s camera gives the fast mood for the film. Kanal Kannan has given some good action scenes. Though comedian Karunas didn’t have much to do, he has given some fast numbers in his new role as a music director. In some areas glamour feels little vulgar, but director Sakthi Chidambaram has made the movie into a time pass adding maximum glamour with necessary ingredients from time to time.

The description for the name ‘Rajadhiraja’ is given as "Low Class King" in the title. As it suggests this is a masala movie which can attract front benchers and sometimes movie maniacs like me also…

Rating : 6 / 10

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Anonymous said...

hii friend...

y u given above 5 marks for this movie?

its a very low class movie.

i can't agree with u.

if i was in u r palce i will just give only 4/10


one of u r friend.