Monday, December 21, 2009

Avatar (3D)

Medium : English
Starring : Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang
Director : James Cameroon
Music : James Horner

Our audience always welcomed many notable Hollywood-UK based English movies in the past and made it a big hit in our state. It is relevant in the case of films like 'James Bond' series, 'The Terminator' series, 'Rambo' series, 'The Lord of the Rings' series and 'Harry Potter' series and big projects like 'The Jurassic Park', 'True Lies', 'Titanic' etc. The latest one to join the group being '2012',
which was released recently. The particular film that discussed the theme regarding the end of the world created a big hype among the viewers; the heavy crowd I saw in the theaters was a big surprise for me. You can't witness such an attendance that represented all sections of the society, for any of the regional films also. It materialize the fact that a movie doesn't need a particular language to communicate.

Now another English
film, 'Avatar' has created great expectation, days before of its release. It is due to a couple of facts. The super creator who gave the memorable film, 'Titanic' is the director here and his dream project made in the mega budget is distributed by 20th Century Fox. It is considered as the costliest film ever made in the Hollywood history (they promotes the amount as Rs1200 crores, which will equalize the amount allocated for a nation wide plan announced by the Indian Govt in the last budget for providing good roads between un connected villages in the country!!!).

'Avatar' is also released in 3D format in selected theaters; three cities have been selected from the state and one being, my native, gave me the extra happiness.

The story of the film deals with a mission executed by the US Army to a planet named Pandora. The particular planet has got a forest that has got big trees and some unusual plants which are rich with minerals and medically valid things and the fearful animals belonging to these place had got very unusual shapes and gigantic appearances. The tribal group living there is different from humans in appearance; they are tall with a blue colored body and had got a tail also. The army wants to evacuate the place and so in order to study the nature and the surroundings, the scientists had done experiments in genetic engineering and created two-three bodies (they are called "Avatars") that almost looks like the tribals there. They were allowed to mingle with the tribals. The hero (Sam Worthington) who worked for the Army once, has become one such Avatar. He also becomes one among the tribals and also got into an affair there. After knowing the real value of the land and the people there, the hero and his group acts against the mission, highlighting the biological threats due to such an invading on the tribals. What happened to the species of Pandora and whether the army is successful in attacking them and how the native population guards their land is told in the later portions.

The unusual land of Pandora can be considered as "the extreme end of creativity". The colorful surroundings constituting the huge trees, plants, flowers, waterfalls etc has got the looks of a "dream world". The computer graphics and visual effects have been excellently done there. Even the laboratory atmosphere is created marvelously. It is not possible to differentiate the real and the animated models in the war sequences. The use of three dimensional technology (3D) had been exploited to the maximum by the director here. The audience welcomed many such scenes by a good clapping. James Horner, who was popular through 'Titanic', is the music composer.

By blending the
real and animated sequences with the help of specially designed 3D cameras in the backdrop of an ordinary theme, James Cameroon has once again proved that technology can create wonders. (How ever the director should have cut shorted the length of the film of 160+ minutes, by trimming some of the love scenes in the first half. I am not sure whether James Cameroon had watched Sidhiq-Lal's 'Vietnam Colony', but the fact is that Avatar's theme is having mere coincidences with VC in many places!!!).

Watching 'Avatar' in 3D is mind blowing; it is impossible to explain some feelings in words, rather experience it...

Rating : 9.5 / 10

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