Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ninja Assassin

Medium : English
Starring : Rain, Naomi Harris
Director : James Mc Teigue

"From the creators of Matrix - Trilogy" is the slogan highlighted in the promotional stills of the
new hollywood film 'Ninja Assassin'. From the olden days itself, foreign action films with martial arts background had got a good market in our state. The trend got started with the release of Bruce Lee films, later it carried through Jackie Chan, Samo Hung, Jet Lee and the last in the list being
Tony Jaa. Though the production of such type of films happened in the Asian region of Hong Kong and Thailand in the beginning, later it got shifted to Hollywood studios in US. Winner of many Oscar awards, 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon' was also such a production. The technicians from the Asian region thus started working in Hollywood films also.

'Ninja Assassin' started in a hall having the dark atmosphere. There the group leader is making fun of the old man; all on a sudden you have got a lightening fast action scenes. You are not able to see the attackers coming in ultra speed, but the victims are shown losing their life by blooding their body parts. Also the old man tells about the specialty of those people (to be honest, I didn't underst
ood it in detail). But it was clear that they have got peculiar powers to use special weapons. The hero also belongs to that special gang. The master gives the special training in his childhood days itself. Later, he escapes from the group after getting disagreed with his teacher's attitude (The master uses the powers for illegal activities). In the meanwhile, the heroine is conducting an investigation on a murder incident. The hero had agreed to help her to caught the enemies, who are attached to his master. The police caught the hero thinking that he is linked with the murder. The master's gang, attacks the police and tried to kill the hero. The climax happens in his master's place, where the hero, heroine and the police simultaneously involves in the attacking. After a ferocious fighting between the master and the disciple, the evil is destroyed in the end.

The scripting side of the film is weak. It is a fact that the director, James Mc Teigue had given a film like 'V F
or Vendetta' before and also he had associated in the 'Matrix Series', so it looks like, he had given importance for the fast action scenes. Different from the usual situation, here the attacks are happening using a small sword like weapon. The visual effects for such sequences, especially the shots showing the cutting of hands and heads, were excellent. The story is also not the best and also the presentation is not extra ordinary. The police station scenes and the hero' training scenes were not rich, so I think that the film might have made in a small budget (the majority amount might have spend on the CG & visual effects sequences).

We have seen good foreign action films. So no need to waste our precious time watching films like 'Ninja Assassin'.

Rating : 6 / 10

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