Sunday, December 20, 2009


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Vijay, Anushka, Sreehari, Ravishankar, Salim Ghouse, Sayaji Shinde
Director : Babu Sivan
Music : Vijay Antony

Being born in a movie family (father SA Chandrasekhar is a director, mother Sobha Sekhar is a singer, story writer and producer), actor Vijay's career which got started in the early 90's, his fame has reached its peak in the last few years. His stardom is in the top position these days. The success of films like 'Gilli', 'Thirumalai', 'Thiruppachi',
'Sivakasi' and 'Pokkiri' had increased this young actor's popularity in South India. After giving flops like 'Kuruvi' and 'Villu', the actor desparately needed a hit here.

Vijay had now chosen new director Babu Sivan (former associate to Dharani, 'Gilli' fame) for his new venture 'Vettaikkaran', his 49th film. The actor has no need for a big worry this time, since the well known banner AVM is producing the film and more over mega distributors Sun Pictures, who has got the magic to make an average film into a super hit by their promotion strategies is behind 'Vettaikkaran'. The female lead role is done by the busy telugu heroine, Anushka who has done the film 'Rendu' with Madhavan before. For the first time, Vijay Antony ("nakku mukku..." fame) has been appointed as the music director.

The hero, Ravi (Vijay) hails from a middle class family in Tuticorin. He is a die hard fan of a police officer, Devaraj IPS (Sreehari). His ambition is to become an honest police man like him. With such an intention, he reached Chennai and got admission in a college. He meets the heroine (Anushka) and his grandmother (Sukumari) there. He spends his livelihood by running an auto during his free time. The circumstances gave him chance to came across the villain gang headed by Vedanayakam (Salim Ghouse) and he fought with his cruel son (Ravishankar), who has been admitted seriously in the hospital. Ravi has been taken into police custody by the corrupted ACP (Sayaji Shinde) with some false charges. He escaped from the custody and met Devaraj. He was surprised to see the true officer in such a position. The later areas showed the revenge episode and the villains were destroyed in the climax of 'Vettaikkaran'.

Like every Vijay film, here also you have an introduction song (Vijay's son also appears in few shots there). The difference is that, here you don't have Vadivelu or Vivek or Santhanam, rather the comedy sequences which comes in the first half is single handedly done by the hero
himself. As usual, heroine doesn't have much to do, she is there for few scenes and the songs (her make up in some shots felt over loaded). The songs are average only, among them "karigalan..." is a catchy one. Vijay Antony had managed well in the bg score area. Action scenes by Kanal Kannan is good, especially the hero's first punch on the iron post felt different. The "puli urumuthu..." songs reminded the Rajnikanth's behavior in few areas. The choreography of the songs should have been more attractive, especially introduction song by Shoby.

Vijay has done the role in his usual style. The villain roles done by Salim Ghouse ('Thazhvaaram' fame) and new face Ravishankar (brother of telugu actor Saikumar) are also goo

The story and situations here are not new, but the new writer-director Babu Sivan had made this film exploiting the actor's image. Gopinath's cinematography is also excellent. This film is far better compared to some of the hero's previous films.

My friend's young daughter is a fan of Vijay. Every time, when she watches the hero's face on TV, she will be saying loudly," 'Kuruvi' " !!! This is where the disadvantage of the hero lies. Since Vijay can't experiment much on his appearance, it is not easy to identify the film seeing a single scene. Moreover the majority of the films had got almost identical theme. Anyway these all factors had not reduced the popularity of the star.

'Vettaikkaran' is an action masala entertainer. Those who are very particular about Vijay films can watch it for a time pass.

Rating : 7 / 10

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