Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Jayasurya, Kunjakko Boban, Suraaj Venjarammood, Mithra Kuryan
Director : VK Prakash

Music : Manu Ramesh

Though director VK Prakash has not given any hit films, his caliber as a technician is notable through films like 'Punaradhivaasam', 'Mullavalliyum Thenmaavum', 'Moonnaamathoraal' and 'Positive'. His new film has got young stars like Jayasurya and Kunjakko coming in the main roles. The previous films by the same director were mostly based on family sentiments, romance, horror an
d investigation subjects. Now different from his usual pattern, 'Gulumaal' is told in the comedy background; the title of the film where the theme is based on the robbery and small fraud works done by the heroes and the placement of comedy artists like Suraaj Venjarammood and Salim Kumar substantiates the above fact.

The film opens with the scene showing one of the heroes visiting his father (Kunjakko Boban & Nedumudi Venu did the respective roles) who is jailed for the cheating case. With the intention of making money to save his father from the custody, he reaches the city. H
e meets a guy (Jayasurya), who finds his income by engaging in fraud activities. Both of them soon became companions and they have planned for a big cheating drama, after that they can settle of their own. What happens to these guys due to this is shown in the climax. The family atmosphere of Jayasurya's character is also shown parallely.

The theme of 'Gulumaal' is good. It has got the shades of the bollywood hit ' Bluff Master' by Abhishek Bachan, Rithesh Deshmukh & Priyanka Chopra. But the director and the new script writer (Y.V.Rajesh), should have been done little more seriousness on the treatment of the film. The middle portions of the film, along with the song showing memories of the heroes were dragging here and there. Als
o the flashback portions of Kunjakko is also not registered well. Suraaj Venjarammood might have been casted expecting to take advantage of his popularity, but his foolish SI role sometimes went out of control. The last 15minutes of the film is excellent, but the motive leading to such a suspense and its presentation needs more stability. Jayasurya did the role with ease, it is good to see him accepting a variety of characters in his younger age.

The songs given by the young music director Manu Ramesh (s/o lyiricist Ramesan Nair) are not up to the mark, but the orchestration in the song 'kilukilukkum...' had got the flavour of the 70's period. The women cinematographer Fowsia Fathima had done a good job using the natural lighting (i don't know whether that is the only reason for the problem regarding dullness in the output in almost all theaters).

Bearing a good theme, a little more professionalism on the scripting and the casting sides might have made 'Gulumaal' a super hit.

Rating : 6.5 / 10

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