Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Big Father

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Jayaram, 'Guiness' Pakru, Innocent, Salim Kumar, Kaniha
Direction : Mahesh P Sreenivasan
Music : Alex Paul

Unda Pakru (Ajayan, 'Albhudadweep' fame) has been awarded the world record for the shortest man to do a hero character in films recently and there after he is known by the name 'Guiness' Pakru. N
ow he is doing the central character in a film named 'My Big Father' where Jayaram and Kaniha team comes again after the hit film 'Bhagyadevatha'. It is directed by debutant Mahesh P Sreenivasan, Sathish K Sivan & Suresh Menon are the script writers. They had written a film named 'Sooryan' (Jayaram) before.

'My Big Father' starts when the father ('Guiness' Pakru) reached the village hotel (run by Innocent's character) with a baby. The former one, who is well versed in making "biriyani" food, joins there as a cook. The different stages in which the baby grows is shown through
a song. After years, a big organization like Malabar Catering Service, run by the old father and his son (Jayaram) are also shown. The father-son relationship and the scenes involving the father character becoming a "romeo" in front of the ladies is mainly highlighted in the first half. The hero has got a condition that he will marry a girl who will not make fun of his father seeing his dwarfism. In the middle, when there happens a quarelling between the father and the son, the father decides to commit suicide and jumps from the terrace. His life is saved, but he got some internal injuries in his head. As as result, he loses his memory and started behaving like a child.

At the sa
me time the hero got married to his lover (Kaniha) and they have got a baby also. A servant (Salim Kumar) reaches the house to look after the father. Heroine's father (Devan) is aware of the father's illness and asks his son-in-law to admit his father to the mental hospital. Seeing the insecurity of the baby, the father is being admitted to the hospital and he met with an accident there. After getting another shock, he became normal. After overhearing the news regarding the sufferings he gave to his family these days, he left the place. At last he is found and brought back by the hero and his family to lead a good life.

Such a theme has been made to exploit the body language of 'Guiness' Pakru, who comes in the lead role. He has done well here. Since the script writers had plotted him like a guy losing mental balance in the second half, the nature of performance seems to be easy for the actor. Jayaram did the role in his usual style. Kaniha doesn't have much to do and also she is not in her best. It is too hard to believe Suraj Venjarammood as the heroine's sister; he was not available for some important scenes also (it looks like the team is desperate enough to caste him and to create comedy situations for him). Jagathi, who comes in the later portions was also not needed for such a role, may be seeing his face in poster might be useful to multiply the crowd.

There are a couple of shots involving continuity problems, where the new director has to be taken responsibility. The usage of double meaning dialogues in some portions should have been av
oided, as the film targets family audiences. The area where the father character losing his mental balance is a cinematic one and it is a liberty taken by the script writers to carry forward the story and to work out the comedy element at its maximum. The new director did a good job in treating the film without giving much scenes to become restless.

'My Big Father' has got the flavour of films like 'Dasaratham', 'Ishtam', 'Kunjikkoonan' and 'Thooval Sparsam'. The dance song featuring the hero and his father is not impressive amd the visuals are also too repetitive (how long they are going to cheat the viewers telling that any shots taken from the coastal region of our state are visuals from Goa?!). Vipin Mohan, the experienced cinematographer did a good job; he might have suffered a lot to adjust the frames involving the combination scenes of the tallest and the shortest heroes.

'My Big Father' is not a bad film, also its not the very best. With such a theme, the creators have managed to provide a family subject filled with some comedy sequences.

Rating : 6.5 / 10

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