Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rocket Singh : Salesman of the Year

Medium : Hindi
Starring : Ranbhir Kapoor, Prem Chopra, DSanthosh, Shazahn Padamsee, Gauhar Khan

Director : Shimit Ameen

Music : Salim Sulaiman

Hope the memories of the super hit film, 'Chakde India' has not gone from our mind. Though I was not deeply interested in 'amul-baby lover guy' roles done by Shahrukh Khan in the past, this particular movie in which the popular star came as the hockey coach of the Indian team has deeply impressed me. Now the team behind that super hit film, Shimit Ameen (director), Jaideep Sahni (writer) and Yash Chopra (producer) had joined hands again through a film named 'Rocket Singh : Salesm
an of the Year'. After the hit film 'Wake Up Sid', Ranbhir Kapoor is doing the title role here.

Since last 10years, a new trend has been started in bollywood, where some of the notable characters in the story will be members of the Sikh family. Films like 'Jab We M
et', 'Chup Chupke', 'Singh Is King' etc are some of the examples. This is being done expecting to attract the large crowd that belongs to the particular community in some of the northern states and since the overseas market also becomes a deciding factor for the film business these days, it need not be questioned.

Here, as the title suggests, the hero Harpeet Singh (Ranbhir Kapoor) is a salesman. After completing his studies, without scoring high marks, his ambition was to become as salesman. He joined a private firm as a sales employee. His honest character was not suitable for such a job, which in turn costs his
career. The boss became angry with him. He is being under rated by the management and the colleagues. Anyway he was not ready to quit the job. He started hard working and how he becomes a competing salesman is what we are shown here. Who all are helping him and What happens to the company, his future etc has been told in the later portions.

This film reveals some of the true incidents happening in the sales area. What all things that are required in the atmosphere for the working of company's atmosphere, right from the front office to the MD's cabin is being neatly shown by the director here. The restlessness of the employees, the frustration of the employer, the tactical work style in the sales area etc are also shown here; the credit goes to the script writer Jaideep Sahni and the director Shimit Ameen. The opening scene featuring the friends, resembles the previous film by the same hero 'Wake Up Sid'.

Born in an actor's family (Rishi Kapoor-Neetu Singh), Ranbhir Kapoor has been improved, film after film. He has done his role excellently. All the characters has done their part well, especially lady in the front office and the service engineer needs special mention. Background score by Salim-Sulaiman is good. Vikas Nowlakha's cinematography is simple. The 1 mnt theatrical trailer of this film was also good.

'Rocket Singh : Salesman of the Year' is a true portrait of the sales people, whom you come across occasionally. This film does not follow the usual formula of bollywood films with romance, songs, sentiments and action scenes.

Rating : 8 / 10

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