Monday, November 30, 2009

Kappalu Muthalaali

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Ramesh Pisharadi, Mukesh, Jagadeesh, Jagathi, Bheeman Raghu, Sarayoo

Direction : Thaha

Music : Sumesh Anand, Mohan Sithara

Malayalam cine field has witnessed the rising of many youthful stars in the last 10-12years, Some of them are Kunjakko Boban, Prithviraj, Jayasurya, Narein etc. But it is a fact no one had given consistent hits and has got a stable place in the viewer's mind (including Prithviraj). This shows that still the film industry is ruled by the two giants that came in the beginning of 80's.

Viewers won't easily accept and allow a popular figure from the mini screen to become a star in feature films. A rare exceptional case like Suraaj Venjaramood is there. He came to the field as a comedian and exists due to his peculiarity in using the "thiruvanthoram" slang. He has also acted as hero in a film ('Duplicate'), but it was not a big hit. Since he is getting many supporting comedian roles, he won't take another risk to do central character. After became popular through the caricature show (Bluff Masters) in Asianet and many stage shows, Ramesh Pisharadi comes in the lead role in the new malayalam film, 'Kappalu Muthalaali'. He did a role in the film 'Positive' before.

Years before, directors-duo Asokan Thaha got splitted, after delivering films like 'Mookkilla Rajyathu' and 'Sandhram'; Then Thaha became independent and done films like 'Varaphalam', ''Five Star Hospital', 'Gajarajamanthram', Ee Parakkum Thalika', 'Kerala House Udan Vilppanakku' etc. His last film, 'Hailesa' with Suresh Gopi was "horrible" and it became a big flop. It is a matter of time that one lucky project can change the fame of any director.

Ramesh Pisharadi does the role of a protagonist, who belongs to a middle class family. He is working in the Regional Passport Office. He bought some land with the money he received when he took voluntary retirement. He decided to build a resort. When the construction process goes on, he got the remains of a big sailing boat, which was buried underground. (We are informed that the current location was a part of sea hundreds of years ago and the boat got drowned. As period changed, the water disappeared and the whole part became land, hence the result). Now the particular land caught attention in the media and the archeology department came to the scene, they wants to recover the place as the govt property. How the hero and his companions tried to fight the situation is shown humorously through 'Kappalu Muthalaali'.

The opening scenes showing the "Yamalogam" looks like a fancy dress competition. The art work is suitable for a district court and the comedy used there is good for a mimics drama only. Anyway the script writers (Thaha and Saji Damodar) took an anticipatory bail by showing it as a dream sequence. The two songs the film are not good and its visuals are good for a third class film; it shows the non professionalism of both the director and t
he choreographer (a non familiar name). The two songs are shown as a part of certain situations, then we don't know why the heroine is also included unnecassarily there. If the hero is not comfortable in dancing, then whats the use in forcing him to do steps. The climax portions are cinematic and it looks like deliberately shown to create a tension. The scenes where the hero chasing the boat and the elephant helping the hero are clearly understood as cheating shots. So there was no need for such a climax. The boat that got buried in the ground look like a new one, hence it is not easy to believe as they tells that it came here hundreds and hundreds of years before. Hence the story told behind the boat is not a convincing one.

Ramesh Pisharadi has managed the role to a certain extend, with the big experience he got in front of the camera so far (he can be included as a team player). Jagathi did well as the NRI, especially his car driving scene is notable. There were also some comedy dialogues in the movie here and there. Sarayu, who acted in the film 'Sulthan' before, is ok. She is having a tele-serial face rather than a cinematic one. Sadath is the cinematographer of the film.

Since the theme is not bad, the creators of 'Kappalu Muthalaali' should have done more homework on the scripting side (by excluding some unwanted situations, songs etc) and a neat professionalism on the making side also. So if you got bulk hours as free time, then watch it keeping this in mind.

Rating : 5.5 / 10


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