Sunday, November 29, 2009


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Ameer Sulthan, Madhumitha, Vincent Asokan, Ponvannan
Director : Subramanyam Siva
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Though director Ameer gave tamil films like 'Mounam Pesiyathe' and 'Raam', he became distinguishable through the film 'Paruthiveeran' acted by Karthi and Priyamani. After a short gap, he comes with his new project. He has written the script and produced the film, but he is not in the director's role. He has acted as the hero in the new film 'Yogi'. Probably, he has followed the path of his seniors like Cheran, Rajkapoor,
Manivannan, Soundar Rajan etc who were all directors turned actors. 'Yogi' is directed by the man who gave films like 'Thiruda Thirudi' (Dhanush) and Pori (Jeeva), Subramanyam Siva.

'Yogi' tells the story of street rowdies. The hero (Yogi) belongs to the slums of Chennai. He and his gang involves in all the illegal activities like the robbery and the murders. As a part of escaping from the police chase, he robbed a car parked in front of a shop. When he was about to le
ave the car in a far away distance, he got a baby from it. He took the baby to his houseand came to know that a business man (second husband of baby's mother) is spending lot of money to find it. But he don't want the baby to be alive. He wants the properties and the belongings of the lady to be registered to his hand. In the mean time, there develops an emotional relationship between the baby and the hero. Anyway in the end, the baby is brought back to the father. But the latter tries to kill the baby and it leads to the climax fight. What happens to the hero, the villain and the baby etc are told here.

Yogi' cannot be classified into the gangster type movies given by the director Ramgopal varma or the realistic movies like 'Subramanyapuram' and 'Nadodikal' done by many new faces. It is sad to see that the script writer has copied "the baby and hero episode" from the malayalam flop film, 'Mulla'. But the fact is that 'Yogi' is a carbon copy of a South Afrcian film, 'Tsotsi' that released 4 years before.

Ameer, as the hero has done as far he can, but he doesn't looks confident in some areas. His body language in the dance scenes are not good.The snake scenes are shown to deliver the roughness of the hero character, but some where, it felt cinematic. The family portions of the hero shown in the flashback, resembles the Dhanush film 'Pudhuppettai'. Madhumitha, who acted in films like 'Englishkkaran' and 'Boy Friend'(mal) before, has done her role well.

Stunt master Rajasekhar gave a couple of fast fight scenes. Songs by Yuvan Shankar Raja are not appealing, especially the first one is too noisy. His background score helped to maintain the tempo. Cinematographers Gurudev & Devraj have done their job as the script demanded.

'Yogi' tells the story of underworld, where the rough and tough hero changes his character when a baby comes to his life; but there is nothing big here which can attract you.

Rating : 5 / 10

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