Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Medium : English
Starring: John Cusak, Danny Glover, Oliver Platt etc.
Direction : Roland Emmerich

scene 1,

New Theater, Trivandrum

I was watching the Rajnikanth film, 'Sivaji - The Boss' on the release date in a packed house. During the climax song "athiradee...", there is a shot in which the hero uses the machine gun to destro
y the villains and there is also a shot in which the bullet from a gun stops in front of the hero. Seeing those scenes, there happened a loud howling noise from the viewers against it, disturbing the mood. I was upset with such an attitude from the crowd. May be such visuals are unbelievable, but since it is shown as a part of dream song sequence (songs doesn't part of the life and its reality), we should enjoy it in such a sense only.


scene 2,
Sreekumar Theater, Trivandrum

Last week in a houseful atmosphere, I watched the new Hollywood film, '2012'. There, the presentation of the whole film is done in an unbelievable way. Even if we are ready to accept the th
eme (it deals with the end of the world and its after effects), here also you have got the hero and his family surviving the situation, which is shown in an extreme unnatural way. But the same crowd welcomed such scenes by giving claps.


Still i don't understand the reason for such a discrimination. I have compared a commercial English film with an Indian film of the same kind that has got a star, who had reached such a position by doing
stylish action scenes. Even then the negative reaction from the audience is what made me lose my temper. May be you (Hollywood supporters) can justify it by mentioning the good quality making of the foreign films. I can't agree with this, how can we accept such an unbelievable thing done in an English film even if they have done it in the best way (those who watch '2012' should think about this). Don't think that I am against English films; i always love to watch such neatly presented movies, but it is a fact that I have been witnessing for years...

Director of films like 'The Day After Tomorrow' and 'Independence Day' has come up with a more complicated topic. Here they discuss about the particular year in which the end of the world happens. A group of 5 - 10 members escapes from US. Since the whole world is affected, they flee from their native to reach China, which is affected in the last stage. How such a small groups from different parts of the world survives the major disaster is what shown here. The chaos begins with an earth quake, due to which mass destruction of buildings, vehicles etc happens, followed by Tsunami, rise of water, then volcanic eruption etc which all can make the surroundings more worse. In the middle you are having the US President's office who is watching the situation. The creators had also given good certificate to the President by showing him staying with the affected people, while his office people left the country. A usual the film ends with a kissing scene.

The film involving such a rare theme has got visual effects in its extreme. It has to be like that, because in reality no one is going to escape from the total demolition and the disaster; that too in a car, sometimes in a bus and the rest in an aircraft and a space ship. Those scenes in which the escape episodes are shown, resembles a video game only.

I am ready to accept all such unbelievable things, keeping in mind that there sho
uld be some one for every subject as a central character, whose view point in which the story should be told, in what ever way it is...

'2012' can be watched without keeping any logic in your mind. The presentation of the film with its ultimate visual effects won't keep you boring. Also in the end, you might feel, " this is too much..."

Rating : 7.5 / 10

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