Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Medium : Tamil
Starring : 'Jayam' Ravi, Vasundhara, Saranya, Varsha, Dhanshika, Liyasree, Roland Kickinger

Direction : SP Jananathan

Music : Vidyasagar

The media is so strong these days that we are able to get the news of a newly started film by any
actor in any language. I also take an extra interest in collecting such data. Most of my friends also seek my help in such a matter. So questions like "what is actor X doing now?", "what is next film by director Y?", "who is the heroine in the film Z?" etc generally comes before me. But as far as the new film 'Peraanmai', I was totally blank. Even after watching its trailer in a tv channel, i thought that it won't be a notable one, since 'Jayam' Ravi coming in the guest appearance and that too in a action role with many new faces supported by Vadivelu, Ponvannan and Urvasi. Since the film's director, SP Jananathan has also not given any super hits before ('Iyarkkai' and 'E' being his previous projects), I didn't showed any affection towards the project. With such a mood I decided to watch the show.

'Peraanmai', produced by Ayngaran International, opens by showing the arrangements of a new rocket launching from the space station. The hero ('Jayam' Ravi) belongs to a tribal family. He studied and has become a forest guard by his hard work. When a group of students reaches the college situated near the forest as a part of the NCC camp, he was assigned the job of training them. The five notorious girls in the group were not interested in his lecture from the beginning, thinking that he belongs to the lower caste and tribe. They tried many fowl plays to get him out of the camp. As a part of vigorous training in the deep forest, those five girls were taken by the instructor. On the way, they met with an accident and got stuck up in the forest. In their journey, they found the enemy gang including 16 foreign terrorists who has trespassed the area. Their mission was to block the launching of the new rocket. The hero and his girls decided to guard the land and to kill the enemies thus paved the way for a smooth launch. This is what 'Peraanmai' discussed here.

This is the first action film for 'Jayam' Ravi, who had so far done the majority chocolate roles only. I was also surprised to see him in the real tribal appearance which shows his dedication for doing such a role. The new girls had done their roles well. The action scenes used in the film are good. The film has got excellent visual effects sequences, especially the rocket launching station is neatly designed accompanied by a good art work. Background score by Vidyasagar gives the deserved feel. Vadivelu is not needed in such a small role. The attitude of the students towards the teacher, sometimes resembles the situation in the film 'Chak De India'.

The script writer - director SP Jananathan needs claps for rendering such a story, which is shot majority in the thick forests of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. He got the good support from the new cinematographer Satheesh Kumar, who captured the real beauty and the hazrads in the nature. The dialogues used in the film are good, especially the hero character telling the value of the land, commodities, national integration etc are inspiring. The hero giving clarification for each and very steps are also notable.

We have seen many English films where the similar theme has been discussed. Since this film is in tamil and its name is 'Peraanmai'(?), which is directed by a non-popular film personality and the hero is also not a big name in the Indian film industry, no one will listen for me even if I give a good certificate.

'Peraanmai' is a time pass. It is an action film told in the background of dense forests where the young hero and his students guard the nation's prestige from a group of foreign invaders.

Rating : 7.5 / 10

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