Monday, November 9, 2009

Seetha Kalyanam

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Jayaram, Jyothika, Geethu Mohandas, Indrajith

Direction : TK Rajeev Kumar

Music : Srinivas, Sharath

Senior producer Suresh Kumar and director TK Rajeev Kumar have done a film with unusual pair Jayaram and Jyothika named 'Seetha Kalyanam'. Even such a big team behind can't resist the film from being rested in the box for 6-7years. Any way after a long gap, it is released expecting it to be a family hit. Actor Mammootty's distribution company, Play House has brought the movie to theaters after giving films like 'Rith
u' and 'Kaana Kanmani'.

As the name suggests 'Seetha Kalyanam' is mainly based on the hero's marriage and its associated proceedings. Hero (Jayaram) belongs to brahmin family. His marriage is being
fixed (Geethu Mohandas is the bride). The marriage function lasts for seven days. His colleague and close friend
(Jyothika) reached there with the companions. In these days, she came to know that she is in love with the hero. She reveals this on the last day of the marriage function, in the mean time, the bride's lover is also waiting for a green signal. In the end, the function is disturbed and the real love of the bride and the bridegroom wins.

There is no stability in the story discussed here. The celebrations shown during the marriage
function can make you restless. The comedy scenes involving Janardhan, Jagadhish, Bheeman Raghu, Bindu Paniker, Kalpana etc are not up to the mark. The dance sequence by Bindu Paniker is an area where you lose your temper. The comedy scenes where Jagadeesh swallowing the 'nadaswaram' instrument piece, is an old one. The area in which an old member narrating about the lose of his 6 daughters is the last way to generate laughs. The lengthy scene in which hero's lover begging him to deny her love in the end portion is dramatic. The unavailability of Jyothika in the climax song is evident.

The usage of big mirrors here and there inside the building is a challenge for the cameraman Rajiv Ravi (since this is his debutant project). It is good, but the question is about its necassity. The director's way of expressing the mentality of Jyothika's character regarding her love is different, but the trick done in the 'out of focus' camera work is easily visible.

Singer Srinivas became a music director through this film. A couple of songs are good. Sharath has given the background music. Arunkumar, who usually works for Priyadarshan's films is the editor. We can't expect such a film from a director who gave notable films like 'Chanakyan', 'Ottayal Pattalam', 'Pavithram', 'Kannezhuthi Pottum Thottu' etc. Since this film happened many years back, no need to launch a complaint at this point.

You don't have many positives to highlight in 'Seetha Kalyanam'. It is shown in the backdrop of the marriage celebrations in a particular community in detail (unnecessarily), mixed with some songs and amateur comedy sequences.

Rating : 4.5 / 10


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