Monday, November 23, 2009


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Mukesh, Jagathi, Vineeth, Sharanya Mohan, Shilpa Bala
Direction : Viji Thamby
Music : M.Jayachandran, Vinu Kiriyath

Came to the field as an assistant to Balachandra Menon, Viji Thamby had started his direction career by giving the film 'David David Mr David' in
the late 80's. Even after 25 years in the field, he didn't get a chance to direct many films with the superstars "M" and "M". Only one being, 'Soorya Manasam' with Mammootty. He was known as the minimum guarantee director. Some of his notable films include 'Thiruthalvaadhi', 'Simhavalan Menon', 'Kunukkitta Kozhi', 'Witness', 'Nanma Ninranjavan Sreenivasan', 'Nagarangalil Chennu Rapparkkam', 'Avittam Thirunal Arogya Sreeman', 'Sathyameva Jayathe' etc. Films like 'Nammal Thammil', 'Bada Dosth' and 'Krithyam' etc which came in the last few years were not successful. His new film 'Chemistry' has got the tag line "Che-Mystery", it is based on a real incident happened many months back. The script writer of the film is Vinu Kiriyath.

The film opens with the death of three school students. The police officer (Mukesh) is in charge of the investigation. His close relative (Sharanya Mohan) gets an admission in the new batch. She is being accommodated in the same hostel room where one among the dead stayed. As days passed on, some mental changes happened to the girl. She came to know about the villain through the "spirit", who enters her body. The police came to know about the culprit and he is destroyed in the end.

mistry' should have been treated as an investigation subject. But the addition of unwanted comedy situations and the scenes involving the heroine losing her mental balance (resembles the scenes in 'Vismayathumbath' and 'Vellinakshatram') has made the environment more polluted. The comedy situation given to Jagathi (he says the letter 'F' in place of 'S', when he talks) and Harisree Asokan, shows the non-professionalism of the script writer. The shot in which the SI (Vijayakumar)looking at the laptop regarding the nude pictures as a part of enquiry, shouldn't have shown like that. It is an area where the complete seriousness of the whole situation is lost. The introduction of the heroine girl in the class looked dramatic. The song "muthuchippi..." is not good with such a beginning line; more over it happens all on a sudden and it is also not needed in such a situation in the film, "vandematharam..." song has got visuals which does not have any link between each other.

'Chemistry' has got many negatives to cover the very few positives. The creators of this film should watch the tamil film 'Eeram' (that released at the same week here) and analyze how horror based murder investigation subjects can be handled neatly.

Rating : 5.5 / 10

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