Thursday, November 5, 2009

This Is It

Medium ; English

Featuring : Michael Jackson

Direction : Kenny Ortega

One of the major shocking tragedies happened in the world history this year, is the death of pop king Michel Jackson. So different from the usual situation, the new review 'This Is It' is about a film having the live portrayal
of the activities associated with the planning of the world tour by the late singer.

Hope you are aware of the fact that Michael Jackson had planned a world tour this year and his life came to an end just 10days before the tour has to be commenced. Now Columbia Pictures had released a film that included the particular show's dress rehearsal and the moments attached with it in a film format, directed by Kenny Ortega. It is neither a documentary telling the biography of the pop star nor a feature film in usual format in which somebody acted in the role of the singer. What all happened at the practice session during the last few months of his life and the shooting procedures of the videos along with some comments from the co-artists is also included in 'This Is it'.

I am not a big fan of English songs. But if any one wants to check my knowledge in the particular area, I will counter them by mentioning some of the hit album names like "bad", "smooth criminal", "thriller", "jam" etc. that haunted me from the younger days itself .I always loved the heavy beats of most popular hits like this by Michael Jackson mentioned above and the visuals of some of these album are also memorable. It is fact that he was an inspiration for the majority of Indian music directors also. Now in this film, you have got the dress rehearsal of these songs in the dts sound format, which will give you a live feeling.

May be you might not be interested even after I gave yo
u an idea regarding 'This Is It'. But it is guaranteed that you won't get bored a single moment in the two hours here. Seeing the ultimate energy given by the star even at his 50's,we would surprise that how could it be possible for a full stop for his life. The creators did a great thing by not including the end moments of the pop personality who got a large number of fans all over the world. He still live through the great creativity he did in the past...

Those who like hit songs by Jackson and love to watch the great moments associated with his proposed world tour, should watch 'This Is It'. (keep in mind that this is not a feature film with "necessary" ingredients)

Rating : 8 / 10

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